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My Plan for the Easter Holidays

It’s the end of Term Two, and ahead of me sits four more weeks of the Easter break before the stress of exams and final deadlines kick in. This morning it was so tempting to carry on stewing in front of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and avoid all Easter responsibilities, but instead I decided to coin a plan of action to make the most out of my time. Yes, I need to relax after a busy second term, but everyone has some stressful times ahead of them and preparation is key. These are some of the things that will fill my Easter holiday.


Last week I joined the Warwick Devils (as well as many other Warwick sports teams) in Budapest for an amazing foreign tour. I had the best time and will definitely remember all the fun and stories that came out of a great week. This week will be a chance to recover from the late nights and busy days, but certainly started my Easter break with a bang.


I have two long essays due in for Week 3 next term which, unfortunately, won’t write themselves. Although I will have three weeks back at uni to complete them, everyone has warned me these weeks go very quickly so I’m aiming to have these almost completed by the end of the holidays. Luckily I only have one exam next term in Week 5 so the essays are definitely my priority over Easter and revision can start during term time.


Having gone a bit crazy during Week 10 and just finishing tour, my bank account is looking a bit sad. I’ll try and put in a few shifts over the holidays to make it through Term 3, and maybe even book a summer holiday or two.

Family time

Mother’s Day was yesterday, and my family and I had a lovely day, popping in to my granny, visiting the Sculpture Park and then having a delicious pub meal out. Being at uni really makes you appreciate the time you spend with your family and all the things they do for you, and we’ve already scheduled in some more activities to do together, including my cousin’s child’s first birthday and my granny’s 91.

Catching up with friends

All my home friends are scattered all over the country during term time, so the holidays are so important for catching up. Even just having a meal out or movie night in are some of my favourite holiday activities. I even have two of my flatmates coming to visit during Easter as five weeks apart was just too much.

Me time

In between work and uni work, family and friends, I’ll definitely need some ‘me time’. Binge watching TV shows, reading for fun, and going out for runs will fill in the gaps of the holiday, giving me some much needed relaxation.

I don’t know how other people plan to spend their holiday, but that seems to be the main run down of mine. In reality I’ll probably spend far more time on the sofa than the gym, and a lot more time with my Easter chocolate than my family, but a girl can live in hope.

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