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My packing list for Venice and my tips on how to pack lightly when you move in!

Hello everyone! It’s less than two weeks now until I fly out to Venice and I’m still freaking out over what to pack! But having only one suitcase and one lot of small hand luggage has made me realise how little I actually NEED to take with me for the whole term so maybe it will help condense your list a little for this term too!

My University essentials consist of my laptop, bag and charger, a few notebooks, an English (and Italian) dictionary, a folder, plastic wallets and a pencil case which contains a pack of pens, a couple of pencils some scissors and a stapler. For any stationary nerds like me, it can be hard to cut back on the post-it notes, cute erasers and other things like calculators, rulers and sharpeners but the fact is that you will rarely, if ever, actually use most of it!

Other essentials include my phone and iPad along with chargers, a few course books that I will need (check your reading lists and only take ones that are recommended), a University diary which is useful for keeping track of all your lectures, seminars and other plans and all my important documents, ID, passport and some cash. If you have prescription medicines always try to make sure you have enough of them to last you a month or so, while you settle in and change over all your health information to the campus health centre as it can take some time to get it all sorted.

Apart from all that serious stuff, the rest of my list consists mainly of clothes and toiletries that I’ll need but most of this can be bought on campus so it is not essential if you want to save more time and packing space. The other big space consumer is all the kitchen utensils and bedding you will need but luckily I will be provided with those in Venice!

My general advice on this is to take as little as you can deal with as you can always buy more bits when you arrive or borrow something from a new flatmate if you need to! In terms of clothes, try to pack seasonally if you will be going home in the holidays as you will need to wrap up warm for the winter so take a nice thick coat, some gloves and a scarf over those summery dresses, shorts and tops that you’ll probably never wear!

I think that just about covers most of my list and the sort of things that should be on yours if you’re moving into halls or a new house with your flatmates this year but I’m sure that, like you, I will probably forget one or two little things. But the most important thing is not to stress or worry too much about everything and it’ll all turn out fine in the end, just enjoy the moving in process and meeting new people in your halls or on your street!

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