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My opinion on Warwick so far…

Many of you will be considering your UCAS applications and which universities to apply to or you may be a student at Warwick and you want to hear my honest opinion about my time here…

One word for Warwick is innovation! This place is hungry for ambitious students that are versatile and ready to ask questions. Not only to ask questions but to take the time and effort to find the answers. University is a place for people who are curious and are interested in making their subject accessible to the wider world. You are here to show that your subject is important and that it is worth the investment of your time and others as well.

Warwick might be a bubble, but within this bubble you have so many opportunities. BUT they are not going to be handed down to you on a plate you have to search for them and you create your own projects to make a difference. Some of you are wondering what degree would be best for your job? It’s time to think in a different way. Your degree isn’t only a passport for your career, it is 3/4 years of your life. The growth within yourself will give you that job, your confidence, passion, communication skills, critical thinking skills, time management, self-discipline are what employers want. Yes, your 2.1 is extremely valuable but you need to see the bigger picture. An employer is investing in your ability to apply your knowledge and skills into the working world, not just the fact that they are stated on your CV.

When choosing your university or your course, follow your instincts and remember what do you enjoy and what are you interested in? That’s how you’re going to do well in your subject the sheer force of determination and passion will push you through your years of study and generally, make you a happier person….trust me on this one. Don’t stick you your comfort zone, don’t just choose the safe option. University study is all about the effort you put in, there aren’t any textbooks to memorise or plenty of practice papers to estimate the exams. This is all about your unique approach to the subject and how you have spent your time during your degree understanding and becoming a master of your subject.

Enjoy your open days, hopefully, I’ll see some of you. But as you walk around, just think, do I see myself flourishing here?

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