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My new bedroom – before & after

I have been back at uni for a week and what a busy week it’s been! Last Friday, I arrived in my new house in Leamington Spa and spent the first few days cleaning, organizing and decorating my bedroom. The room didn’t look particularly appealing and certainly didn’t feel homey when I first arrived but with a bit of work and some creative thinking, I managed to spice the place up! I’m really happy with the result so I thought I’d give you guys some of my top tips for turning your seemingly horrible room into a place you’ll actually enjoy being in. 


1. Clean!


The first step to making sure you feel comfortable in your room, whether this is a campus room or one of the bedrooms in your shared house, is making sure it’s clean. This means hoovering the floor but also the curtains, cupboards and mattress. Use an antibacterial spray and a wet cloth to wipe down any appropriate surface. Make sure you do this deep clean before moving any of your stuff in. 


2. Move furniture around


If your tenancy agreement allows you to move furniture around, do so! Where you place your furniture can really impact how big or small a room feels. You might also want to move your bed or desk in accordance to the electrical sockets in your room. Experiment with changing your furniture around. If you don’t like it, you can always put it back!


3. Second hand and vintage stores


Coming from abroad means that I don’t have the luxury of bringing certain items such as mirrors, picture frames, decorations etc. with me. Most of us won’t have the budget to buy all these things from e.g.: Ikea either. Second hand and vintage stores are the perfect solution! I spent a significant amount of time a few of these stores in Leamington and managed to get some really nice and useful things for less than £10. Just make sure you come in with time and an open mind because these places tend to have a lot of junk, so you have to keep your eyes open! Here are a few of the hidden jems I managed to find!


4. Keep it organized


Student rooms tend to be small and clutter will easily make it feel even smaller. Try to keep your room organized by making sure you put your clothes back in your cupboard, you make your bed and put things away in your drawers. To avoid the drawers getting messy, use boxes and their lids as dividers and organizers. One drawer of “stuff” is okay, but you don’t want all of them to become those. 


Here are a few before and after photos! I hope you guys have fun transforming your room into your own comfy space. As always, feel free to ask me any questions! 




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