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My Must-Have, Couldn’t-Have-Managed-Without Them, University Essentials

In the lead up to the start of term last year, I got ridiculously excited about buying new stuff for university. Something about living in a new place on my own meant that I went slightly crazy meticulously planning what I needed to take, and I would really recommend checking out the other student blogs, as well as online sources, for full packing lists. But to be perfectly honest, I didn’t need everything that I thought I did and so ended up with a lot of . When I think back to the things I used all the time, the items below spring to mind…..

As soon as you move into halls, get your room door open! Not only will it make moving in all your bags and boxes much easier, it also gives a welcoming impression to any of your new flatmates that happen to walk past. It is really nerve-wracking introducing yourself to the people you will live with for the next year, but having your door open may also mean they come and say hello to you.

No uni room would be complete without photos to remind you of home. Having some of friends and family helped when I felt homesick, but it might be a good idea to also leave space on the board for some pictures of your new friends and escapades at university!


Everyone has their own way of organising themselves, and this year for me it was post its! At times my desk was covered with them, with reminders of jobs I had to do and work assignments to complete, and I couldn’t have managed without them!

In the laundrettes there are washing machines and tumble driers, but I tried to avoid using the drier when possible to save money! Instead, I used a clothes drier for clothes, towels and bedding, and then a little pegs clothes drier for socks and underwear. This in particular was really useful, as I hooked it on my wardrobe door when in use, and then folded it up and tucked it away when I was finished with it.

Now, I would argue you can use a wok for everything a frying pan can do, and so potentially you might only need a wok… however not everyone agrees with me! A frying pan (or a wok) is a really essential item; think stirfries, Full English Breakfasts, omelettes, toasties, and I even cooked gravy in my wok for our flat Christmas dinner!

As a student, the chances are you’ll be cooking a lot of pasta. Not sure what else you can use to drain your pasta other than a colander, though I am open to suggestions!

I found the best way of cooking was to make big batches of food, eat a portion then save the rest for the next day or freeze it for later. By the end of the year I had accumulated a lot of Tupperware boxes (Chinese takeaway boxes are especially useful), and using them meant that I often had food in the freezer when I couldn’t be bothered to cook anymore!

fish pie

Excuse the Northern bias with the brand, but a lovely cup of tea is the perfect antidote to just about anything in my opinion! If you are a tea drinker, having tea bags with you from the start of the year also means that you can start to interact with your flatmates by offering to make tea for people as they arrive.

Like the tea bags, I would recommend bringing some cake or biscuits with you when you move in. Not only does it mean that you can eat cake when you move in, it’s also a nice icebreaker and way of introducing yourself!

This list is by no means definitive, and there may be important items that I’ve forgotten. Apart from your important personal documents (passport, ID etc), don’t worry too much if you get to uni and realise you’ve forgotten something, as you should be able to pick up many things from Tesco and Wilko on campus, or the shops in Leamington and Coventry.

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