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My last term at Warwick!

I am back at my uni house, all ready to start my last term at Warwick! I have mixed feelings as I am both excited and nervous about what the next chapter of my life will involve, and sad that I won’t be seeing my friends on a regular basis.

 For third year Life Sciences students, our exams are at the start of the term, spanning across Week 1 and the start of Week 3. This is because we write our Research Projects straight afterwards, whereas for other degree courses they write that up right from October up until May, and then have examsI am really busy with revision at the moment, with 6 exams looming. I am so looking forward to these being done, and feel the satisfaction that they will most likely be my last exams.

 The exams in third year are all essay based, so my strategy for revision differs from last year in which the exams were almost all short answer questions. I am a visual learner, and after learning the content I like to group together various parts of each lecture together, as that way it should make it easier to recall facts to include in my essays and in planning. It’s also so useful to look at past essay questions, as this gives an idea as to what areas I need to spend more time on, and help practice my essay planning and writing.

I cannot wait until I have finished these exams, but got to keep going just for a few more weeks. I will then be able to make the most of my last term at Warwick: spending time with friends, going to society events, using the new sports centre and exploring the local areas further.

  Good luck to all of you for your exams!  

  • Layal

    Good luck Emma, I’m sure the future will hold great things for you!


    • Emma

      Thank you so much! :)) Good luck to you too 😀


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