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My last fews weeks of Uni.


Hey everybody.


I thought my 4 blog could be about what I have been up to the last few weeks at university. Hopefully this will be interesting for you all to read.


The last couple of weeks I have been tidying up my final assignments for Health, Welfare & Social Policy and Research Methods. For Health, Welfare & Social Policy our final assessment has been to produce a presentation on a controversial issue. My presentation was centred around poverty, specifically how and why food banks became an integral part of the welfare state. Producing this presentation has been eye-opening, after seeing how much food banks rates have risen in the last 10 years. For research methods, I have conducted my own research project. My project looked at the United Kingdom’s drug policy to see if it has been a success or failure. This has been intriguing, learning how the system works in the UK. I must say I prefer this style of assessment rather than exams. They are independently driven and based on something you find interesting.


Now that both of these assessments are out of the way. I have now been concentrating on revision for Sociology and Politics. I have been trying to focus on one subject per day, rather than mixing it up. I have just under one month for both subjects, which personally I think is an adequate amount of time. I had already preselected which areas I was going to concentrate on and had made a timetable. My room at home is now covered in notes and spider diagrams for each subject. This will help me to remember important information (as I make time to read them whenever I go into my room). During the next few weeks I will be spending most of my time on campus, this will help me to stay focussed (although it means arriving extra early to get a space). It will be worth it once they are over and done with.


Last week, I chose my year 3 modules. I have chosen to follow the Health and Social Policy route, as this will be more relevant to my future prospects. There were so many interesting modules to choose from. But unfortunately, we only have 120 credits (including our core unit). Which meant I could not take them all. I am really looking forward to the next academic year. It is exciting to finally move from college to university. I’m sure come October the excitement will be replaced with nervousness. But that’s all part of the process.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I may go quite over the next few weeks to concentrate fully on my revision.


Good luck in your exams (if you have any! if not… I envy you ha-ha)


Until next time……


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