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My last exam season…


Today I received marks back for my last piece of coursework I’ll ever submit. It was nothing major – a 1000 word reflective essay – but I was very glad to get a good grade, particularly as I’d just come out of an exam so welcomed the distraction! Exam season as a finalist feels a bit different from before, but the strangest thing is the knowledge that it’s the last one. Counting back to GCSEs, I’ve had 8 years where I’ve had summer exams, each involving months of preparation, hastily drawn exam timetable and sore wrists. I can’t quite get my head around never having to do that again – what am I going to do with all the free time??


The reassuring thing is knowing that my marks carried over from previous years give me a bit of leeway. As I’m doing the MEng, this year only counts for 40%, and with the modules I’ve picked involving a lot of coursework, only about half of that is actually from the exams. Assuming I haven’t miscalculated, given what’s been marked so far I’ll make a 2:1 grade if my exam average is anything from 45% to 90%! As a result this is actually the least stressful exam season I can remember, which I’ll admit is a rather odd thing for a finalist to be saying! It has allowed me to focus on simply doing the best I can in each paper though, instead of worrying about what will happen if I can’t answer each and every question.


It’s always vital to look after yourself around exam time, and I think I’ve been able to do a better job this year than last. I’ve been pretty good at enforcing a routine, making sure to give myself plenty of sleep and time to cook actual meals. I can’t stand being stuck in a room all day, so I’ve been revising on campus quite a bit and taking to the park when I want some fresh air. My housemates and I also threw a little Eurovision party at the weekend, which was a fantastically-timed distraction!


And though I was a little worried that my exams were all in the first few weeks of the season,  the upside is I finish SOON –  the 30th! Yes, come June I will have completed my degree. I’m not entirely sure how that’s going to feel, but I am looking forward to it! In four years at Warwick I’ve done so many fab things and met so many great people – but as they say, all good things come to an end. But before that happens I really should read that email about graduation…

Until next time!

Nathan L


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