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My Journey to Warwick (first post!)

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Hi everyone! I’m Rosanna, and I’ve just completed my first year as a Theatre and Performance student at Warwick. I’m sure that throughout these blogs you’ll learn much more about me, but for now, I’ll introduce myself as a vegetarian theatre nerd with a minor addiction to coffee and Peaky Blinders!

Reflecting on the past academic year, it’s needless to say I’ve learnt a few things about both theatre and myself. For starters, I realised that you can’t live on tortilla chips alone.

As someone from a very academic family, doing a creatively-demanding degree seemed very daunting. I certainly felt pressured to be accepted into one of the infamous “Russell Group” unis and get firsts in all my assignments. Choosing a degree which was based on practical work and thinking outside the box sounded both thrilling and terrifying, especially in a time where everything is online! As a result, I went into the university application process with a few fears and misconceptions, which I hope to clear up for anyone here who feels the same.

Everytime I visited the theatre department on open days, I was made to feel extremely welcome. The staff are always happy to help, as are the fantastic student volunteers! My advice for open days is to ask as many questions as possible (it’s true, there really are no stupid questions), and go to as many accommodations, workshops and talks as possible. Not only is it a great way to meet people, but it gives you a well-rounded taste of where you might be living.

For the Theatre and Performance course, you will probably be asked for an interview if your application is accepted. If you’re like me, the word “interview” immediately activates your fight or flight response. But there’s honestly nothing to worry about! It’s a chance to have a one-on-one chat with a lecturer about what your ambitions and interests are. And remember, interviews are a two-way street; not only are you selling yourself to them, they have to sell the uni to you.

The application process for accommodation was also something that scared me. At Warwick, each accom has a virtual tour with all the information you need (e.g. price, number of people, ensuite/shared bathroom). All accommodations are compared in a table so you can easily figure out which one suits you best. What’s also fantastic is that the application includes optional questions about your personal interests and what you want to gain from living at uni. This is so that you can be matched with likeminded people, a huge plus for the first few weeks when you’re all settling in.

At the end of the day, everyone’s journey to university is different. But if any of this resonates with you, I hope this has cleared your confusion about the “pre-uni” panic I certainly felt. And if it hasn’t, at least you know now that you should buy something other than tortilla chips to eat! If you have any further questions on these subjects, feel free to comment or message me!

Rosanna 🙂

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Rosanna Holmes | Theatre and Performance Studies Contact Rosanna

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