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My Internship So Far

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

Looking back on my 9 weeks of my internship I must definitely say that I changed a lot, not only in terms of skills but life lessons and advice that have shaped or revised some previous perspectives that I held. I can not lie and mention some cliche such as the weeks and time at the office passing by incredibly fast because that was not the case. Yes, folks, working full time is not necessarily the most enjoyable aspect of work. However, the personal development opportunity is the true aspect every intern or employee, in general, should pursue and devote time to.

I will be sharing with you some of the key skills I have learned so far that I initially did not expect to be gaining: B2B marketing expertise: working for a marketing company where business to business marketing is the main focus, whilst working with different clients from various backgrounds; being a team player: learning from those around me: my manager, the sourcing director, my fellow intern-colleagues, the other employees from other departments- procurement, it, sales; research skills; increasing my LinkedIn connections and networking of contacts considerably; working in a professional atmosphere where big decisions are made that affect people is definitely an environment that requires your 100% attention, effort and input and that made me more organised, focused and serious.

But one of the main skills that I have perfected are the interpersonal skills- honing the ability to connect with people and building trust, communicating very clearly to customers(in my case prospective sellers), managers, directors, colleagues without corporate jargon, without politically correct scenarios or mindsets, being myself and expressing my personal opinions without the fear of being judged, challenged or counterattacked. And even if you are “challenged” for your opinions, then you should be able to sustain your views and explain why it makes sense for you, what are the pros and cons, the logic for the way you are thinking.

This business mentality is something I was not fully aware of before working at an IT start-up and if you are asking me now how I feel about it(the business mentality idea)- I feel inspired, brave, independent, focused, determined, organised, positive and creative. I do agree that even if it was not the most creative first job in the world, it was definitely an experience that changed forever the way I was thinking before. This internship and the people mentoring me made me realise that I was setting some invisible limits that were not even supposed to be there in my subconscious mind. It helped me to slowly break those limits and push all the boundaries in order to reach my full potential. Life is a rollercoaster and I am just at the right beginning of it. This experience is another first for me and I will never forget it. Thank you so much for reading and being with me throughout my blog posts for such a long time and being part of my journey towards discovering my career path.

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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