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My IATL experience

I’ve always really been interested in interdisciplinary studies so I quickly jumped at the chance to take an IATL (Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning) module when the time came in second year. Given my background interest in feminism, I decided on the Feminist Dissent: Theory and Resistance module.

What’s special about IATL is that it takes a really non-traditional approach to teaching and learning in the sense that students are actively encouraged to be innovative and collaborative in our studies. All our contact hours were seminar style to encourage discussions amongst one another and the assessments allowed for people to be really creative rather than simply write a paper. I designed a blog and I know friends who wrote an anthology and organised an event as part of their assessment. The module really challenged me to think outside the four walls of campus and conceive ideas of how the content we were engaging with could be practically applied in real life. 

Another thing I really appreciated about my IATL module was the diverse content. Each week we were lectured by someone from a completely different background and our reading lists easily had authors from every continent. As a philosophy student, this is something I don’t get to enjoy often.

IATL is challenging; the content is advanced and often forced me to do a lot of reflection after class. Even though my head was spinning in class sometimes, I would definitely do it again. It’s one of the things I’m looking forward to the most in my final year and I would recommend anyone who is interested in learning something new and interesting to give it a shot. 

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