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My Highlights of Term Two

Is it just me, or has term two absolutely flown by? It feels as though just yesterday I was packing my bags to come back to uni after Christmas, and now I’m packing to leave again. I’ve had such a hectic but rewarding ten weeks at Warwick, so I thought I’d share just some of the moments that made this term so great.


I know it sounds a bit cringe, but this term I really feel I’ve grown closer to people. First term was all about meeting as many people as possible, and term two has been about getting even closer to those friends. My friends and I have been to clubs, pub quizzes, restaurants, even out on runs together and having to say goodbye over Easter has been much harder than it was at Christmas. Thank you to those who put up with the mess I make in the kitchen, the impossibility of scheduling time with me and my drunken escapades.


Dance Comps

In case you hadn’t gathered from my previous blogs, I dance. A lot. I’ve been to three dance competitions this term, one with the Warwick Devils, Cheerleading and Gymnastics Team which I wrote about in my last blog, and two with Warwick Tap Society at Sheffield and Loughborough. These days have been so enjoyable, watching and supporting other teams, and just spending time with your own squad. Although the competitions didn’t always go the way we had hoped, I loved spending a day away from campus and showcasing Warwick’s talent. Go Team!


Tap Elections

Warwick Tap pride ourselves on being one big tappy family and this term I have loved getting to know these crazy people better through classes, competitions and circles. I am so happy that at Tap’s elections, Cory Bloxham and I (#TeamBlinger) were chosen to be social secs next year and I can’t wait to see what we bring to the social life of tap and to work with some close friends in the new exec team.


History Ball

There have been so many glamourous balls on campus this term and I loved the Speakeasy themed HistSoc Ball. Not only did I get to change my sports gear for glad rags and go as a guest, but three of us performed a Charleston routine as some entertainment. Despite some technical difficulties, everyone seemed impressed by the dance and the night was great fun, filled with fine food, candyfloss and vodka slushies.


These are just some of the things that have kept me busy throughout the term, and although I love to stay busy, I’m looking forward to the Easter break. Thank you to everyone that has made this term feel so fast, as time does fly when you’re having fun.

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