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My freshers’ week as a final year student


Freshers’ week is not just for freshers and I can’t wait to move back to Leamington for Warwick’s first ever week 0! The past couple of years I haven’t had an actual freshers’ week as we moved in a couple of days before lectures started (though there were freshers’ events). It’ll also be great to experience a freshers’ week merging on and off-campus events as in first year I stayed on campus & second year off-campus; this year I’ll do both.


On Sunday I’ll drive down early to Leam, unpack, go to Aldi and see my friends who have moved back. My housemates are moving in the day after me so I’ll have a peaceful first night- the only one I’ll get all year! The thing I love about uni is that although you never make plans, your days always end up so fun-filled; so even though I have no clue what I’ll do on my first full day back, I know it’ll be fab! I do want to have one productive day though to think about my dissertation, see my timetable and ensure the modules I’ve thought about taking will be the right ones for me so I’ll aim to do this on the Monday whilst my housemates are unpacking. 


Despite living off-campus, I’ll be there most days due to one thing or another. Monday to Wednesday are the societies and sports fairs which I’ll attend as although I know I’m joining climbing, nintendo & northern, I love the atmosphere and the excitement of picking up hundreds of leaflets for sports I tell myself I’ll definitely try and then forget they exist. There is also the indoor SU market those days and if I’m not going out to Smack in Leamington on Tuesday night, I’ll try out musical bingo at the Dirty Duck. On Wednesday I can’t wait for the behind the scenes with Nick Grimshaw event as I love Grimmy (and miss him on the radio 1 breakfast show, but Greg James is doing a mint job)! Wednesday night will always be pub quiz and 25p BBQ wings at the Clarendon pub with my housemates. We go way too often and it’s worrying that last year I racked up £10 in reward points to spend there when I get back. 


On Thursday I’m working on campus as an economics ambassador giving directions for the events the economics’ department has planned for freshers. I’ll also be going into campus on Friday for the retro video-game day as I’m a huge gamer. There is also Warwick sports’ day then so I can take in the great atmosphere and enjoy the BBQ that comes with it. Then Friday night/ the weekend I’ll be going out with my housemates and friends in Leamington. However, on Saturday there is an inflatable fun day which I’m DEFINITELY going to as I didn’t make it the past two years (from being too shattered from the previous night out, so realistically I might not make it again)…Saturday night is the freshers’ festival and although I’m definitely not a fresher, I’m very tempted to go as me and my friends LOVE Sigma who’s performing. On Sunday there’s also a film screening on the piazza which will round off my first and last ever week 0 nicely!

Good luck to everyone moving in this weekend and hope you all have a great time during welcome week. See you all soon 🙂 x

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