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My first year at Warwick

Well, I’ve completed a year! Looking back, it seems to have flown by. However, I know that it has taken a great deal of commitment and hard work, and this is only my first year!

When I started the degree, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought, quite naively, that I’d breeze through it no problem. I didn’t anticipate how much work would be involved in a ‘part-time’ degree. It has been a very busy first year, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’ve learned so much this past year. I’ve learned from the lessons, key note speakers, and additional reading. I’ve also learned how to write a blog, use Office 365, navigate the library, use One Drive to access my documents at Warwick and at home, find my way around campus, use Harvard referencing and master academic writing (ok, ‘master’ might be a slight exaggeration!!). I’m sure that there are lots more things that I could add to that list, but I think you get the point – I’ve learned a lot in my first year.

Whilst this first year has been really full-on, I’ve still enjoyed it immensely. The lessons have been informative and interesting. Each module has taught me something different about the early years – such as the benefits of storytelling, the different perspectives that impact on the early years, and how children develop from birth. And, the recommended reading lists and additional reading have expanded my knowledge even further. Plus, the Saturday morning key note speakers have been really informative. Overall, my experience of being a first year at university has been a good one. And, most of all, I’m glad I chose Warwick. I love the campus. It’s always buzzing with students. There are cafes, coffee shops and nice places to go for a walk. Plus, on most visits to campus I’ll see ducks, rabbits or squirrels wandering around. Also, spring-time on campus was lovely, when the daffodils were in bloom. If it was a bit easier to find a parking space, then it’d be almost perfect! 😉

Now the first year is finished, and my last assignment was submitted on Wednesday, I’m looking forward to a nice break. I may fit in some reading over the summer, but I’ll mostly be taking it easy, spending time with family, and making the most of the good weather!

I hope you all have a fab summer break. I’ll be back blogging in September, so ‘bye’ till then!

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