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My First Week in Venice!

Hi everyone! I have now completed my first week in Venice and it is absolutely amazing here. It was my first time travelling on a plane on my own and my first time travelling to a foreign country on my own so it was an interesting experience (I also got stopped on the way through security because a lighter I had left in my bag tested positive for explosives and I had to be interviewed and searched!) But apart from that, the journey was fairly smooth and painless.

I got a boat from the airport to Venice and the first day here was pretty confusing with all the dead-end alleyways and masses of people but now I know my way all around Venice and I’ve only been here a week! Me and my flatmates live right next to Rialto Bridge so we can always find our way home by following the signs and we’re close to the market so we buy the freshest fruit, vegetables, meat and fish there and pick up other groceries and necessities at the supermarkets dotted all around Venice.

There is also an enormous amount of shops in Venice, the department stores, chains and fashion houses are all around Rialto and San Marco while you get very different shops in the neighbouring areas of Dorsoduro and Cannaregio. The Palazzo Pesaro Papafava (where we study) is only a 10-minute walk from our apartment and being in Rialto we are pretty close to all of the other districts that we go to for site visits and seminars. We also have a few scheduled day trips to Padua and some Palladian villas towards the mountains so it will be nice to visit areas outside of Venice too!

Week 6 on campus would usually be our reading week but here in Venice it is our travel week so I will be spending my week in Florence but other people are travelling all around Europe so it will be interesting to see what everyone does and where they go! So far I have visited a number of palazzos that are exhibiting parts of the Architecture Biennale and I went to the Penny Guggenheim Collection is Dorsoduro yesterday but there is so much more to see and do here so I’m so excited to see more of what Venice has to offer!

Thanks for reading and I’ll try to keep updating this fairly regularly to keep you all posted, feel free to ask any questions!


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