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My first week back at uni – what I got up to!

Alex Humfryes | German and Business Studies Contact Alex

Hello everyone!

I arrived back at the beloved Warwick campus on Saturday, ready to finally move in to my brand new room. It has now been a full academic week since then, and what a week it has been! From Lectures, to seminars, to assessment centres, to club nights – this week really had it all. Whilst I am a little bit ‘overwhelmed’ at just how much I have had to do, I know things will die down once I get into a proper routine, and at the end of the day – I’d rather be busy than bored! So, let’s get right into things…


On Saturday, I arrived, unpacked, said goodbye to my family, and said hello to my new flat. I applied to Lakeside residences with 3 other mates who also did a year abroad, and thankfully our application was successful and we were all able to live with each other. The other flatmates that I met have all been really nice, and all in all, it seems like I have a great flat this year. We rounded the day off with a huge flat party in our kitchen, and invited all our friends from the year abroad to come round, and celebrate being back at uni!


Sunday was mainly spent recovering from Saturday night, and meeting up with more friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. I also went to the freshers fair in the SU, and was able to sign myself up to a few job/internship agencies that help students out with that ‘tricky careers stuff’.


With the weekend over, it was now time to face up to reality, and attend my very first lecture of final year. This was a business class in the afternoon, and gave us a general introduction to the course and what we can expect to learn from it. After the lecture, I met up with all my German course-mates to have lunch at Bread Oven – our favourite food outlet on campus. To round off the day, I went to Basshunter at the Assembly to celebrate being back at Warwick.


After recovering from last night and catching up on ‘well deserved’ sleep, I had an assessment centre in London to go to. This was for an Asset and Wealth Management consultancy which I had applied to roughly one month ago. The day was tough and demanded a lot from us candidates – we were assessed from 4pm – 9:30pm, and essentially felt like a 5 and half hour exam. The first round consisted of a one-to-one interview, then afterwards we had to complete a group assignment with Q&A from the assessors. To conclude the assessment centre, we then had to complete an individual case study which, where we had to analyse a business problem and offer out best solution within their given time limit. Overall it was an incredibly tiring day, but was great to finally experience an assessment centre!


After an intense Tuesday and busy start to the week, I used Wednesday to take a breather and catch up with more rest – i felt as if I actually deserved it this time! Thankfully societies fair was on today, so I went and had a look round to see what exciting societies I could join this year. After a thorough scan of the entire fair, I decided to join the Warwick skate, Warwick Business School and Warwick German Society!


Part 2 of the societies fair was on Thursday – following up from the Socs-fair on Wednesday. This time around I joined the Warwick management society – and met up with some friends afterwards to see which societies they had joined. We then had our first training session for 11-a-side football this year, which actually went ok despite the fact I hadn’t played football the whole summer.


To round off the week, I had another session of football with the lads, and then went to a big house party to celebrate a friend’s birthday. All in all it was a very busy week and there was not a single dull moment! Whilst it was intense, it went by very quickly and was a great week to kick off my final year at Warwick!

Alex Humfryes | German and Business Studies Contact Alex

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