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My first day (in brief) #warwick2017

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We have now reached the point where it is one month (30ish days) until the newest cohort moves into Warwick. It barely feels like a month since I was moving into my flat, and my friends were moving into theirs, bright eyed and bushy tailed (for those who had a shorter journey!).

I was actually the first to move into my flat by a couple of hours – giving ample time to unpack my kitchen items and some of my room. My parents and I then headed over to the freshers fair to gain a plethora of free Nandos vouchers, leaflets, and lots of free things! Leaving with a full bag, I ended up purchasing a shirt for the fresher’s event that evening, not sure who I would go with. At the freshers fair, there were a mix of university stands and other businesses. It was really useful in being able to settle into the busy life of university, as everyone was milling around, but also gave the opportunity to learn about places such as the Music Centre, or Estates team.

Returning, I found that some of my flatmates had already started to move in too, and the introductions started flowing. They didn’t stop in he’ll well into term 1, so get used to that! Even something as simple as your name, where you’ve moved from, and your course can let you start up a conversation with people, especially if you ask more about their course or where they’re from. Finding the little connections with people really helped in making friends, the smallest of shared interests (whether that’s the same sports team, you both watch Bake Off, or have a mutual friend somewhere).

My parents then took me over for a final shop at Tesco before they went back to the family and I stayed at Warwick. I ended up meeting some people I recognised from the hall group on Facebook and received an invite to go meet up with the group before going to the event that evening. It was a long process of eventually leaving the flat and it was worth it in the end – until we got to the queue! The free FaceTime we got while waiting was worth it though, and soon we were heading into the SU. Finding our way upstairs to the cheesy music, we danced and sung all night – plus added a fair few people on social media! It was a nice way to spend some time with people, although don’t feel pressured to go out if you’re not wanting to. One of my friends decided to stay home with his flat that night instead, and really enjoyed getting to know his flat more instead – it all depends on what you want to do really! However you choose to go through your first day moving into Warwick, make sure to make an effort to get to know people since you’ll be seeing them a lot over your first year – and might even live with them the years after that.


Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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