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My First Day as a Marketing Intern

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

It has been a long process from January until July, but I have finally managed to get a job offer from a marketing and advertising company based in Bucharest, Romania. It was truly a stressful period in which I initially wanted to secure a placement for my 3rd year, but since that had not been possible, I ultimately decided to apply for companies based in Bucharest, which had internship schemes for this summer. Moreover, I truly advise you even if you just finished your 1st year to search for a summer job/ internship that will help you to get work experience that you will use later on after finishing your degree. I have had some experience with job interviews especially in the UK and it has been tough for me to get a placement scheme for my 3rd year just because I didn’t have enough experience.

So how does marketing relate to my course(Language, Culture, and Communication)? Understanding language and social interactions put you in an ideal place for positions such as social media manager/SEO/content developer/etc for many companies. Moreover, the communication and organization skills that I have honed throughout my first two years at university will be definitely helpful in this particular position.

Lead Generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into leads, or people who have indicated interest in a company’s product or service in some way, shape, or form. We already have different sheets for people to call, but the job requires us(the interns) to give information about our company, as well as to receive information regarding people in charge, whether that is a CEO, CFO or a CTO.

What do I actually do in this intern position? My main task involves calling prospective sellers of resources since my company is looking to do direct business to business. In order to generate leads, we actually need to find the decision-maker of a company, whether that is the IT, Finance or Sales Director, and we have to act as brokers, to initiate a possible business proposal/ negotiation. During my first day as a Marketing Intern, I have definitely put emphasis on preparing my approaches with different people with different backgrounds and cultures, from both Europe and the USA. My course came in handy as I do have knowledge and theories about how the culture factor affects communication and how I can avoid miscommunications, distrust, and irritation by following and respecting the culture factor that may arise and may create problems from differences in communication styles. Every conversation is in English and we use English as a lingua franca even around the office between different departments, hence my education abroad and my experience of speaking, writing essays and exams in English were also significant and have prepared me for this job. Another aspect that I wanted to address is the people I work with, especially my colleagues, fellow-interns: Rares, Beatrice, and Gift with whom I have clicked right from the beginning. I sure hope this internship will be an extraordinary experience, opportunity and a way to develop my skills further, as well as to evolve and prepare for a future career in Marketing and other similar fields.

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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