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My Final Offer Holder Day

Today was a sad day for me as it was my last ever Psychology Offer Holder Day, and as I’ve been doing them ever since the beginning of 1 year, it was a surreal moment knowing that I won’t be representing the Warwick Psychology department for much longer. The Offer Holder Days are always so much fun because it gives me the chance to interact with you prospective students on a personal level, showcase my 2 year poster, present during the Life At Warwick talk and best of all, eat some great food. Today’s Offer Holder Day might have been a struggle for some of you to attend because of the crazy snow, but not to worry because you can always visit Warwick during one of the upcoming general open days and maybe peek inside the Psychology department if you can. If you need directing by anyone, ask them to show you where the Humanities building is and then the Psychology department is an extension of it.

I thought I’d insert some pictures of the cool things dotted around the Psychology department that you get to see during the Offer Holder Day – although I forgot to take pictures of one of the most important things which are the labs and simulators. We have a Jaguar driving simulator, sleep lab, baby lab – the list is endless, however all these things are available for both Undergraduates and Postgraduates to use, so definitely check them out if you get a chance. I’ve had a go in the driving simulator myself and it’s so cool, I’m now desperate for a new fancy car.





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A common thing that was mentioned to me from prospective students during the past four Offer Holder Days this month was the worry about Warwick being a bubble. I might write another blog post about this, but I wanted to give a quick mention now to reassure you all that the Warwick bubble should not throw you off. To be honest, people warned me about it too before I made Warwick my firm choice, and claimed that Warwick has no night life or social life. Obviously Warwick campus is not directly in a city so it doesn’t have a huge Pryzm nearby or a road of clubs and bars, but it is a 10 minute drive from all Coventry clubs and 20 minutes to Leamington clubs. Also, in your 2 and 3 year you’ll most likely live in Leamington (with the other 80% of Warwick students that do) so you’ll be away from the campus bubble. The bubble is actually quite nice to have during your 1 year because you’re safe, everything you need is in one place (pharmacy, shops, pub etc.) and then you can venture out to Coventry, Leamington and Birmingham whenever you want. SO don’t get thrown off by people saying that Warwick is a bubble because I haven’t met a single Warwick student who regrets coming here. I’ll do another blog post though about the Warwick bubble and how to escape it!

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