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My Final Blog

3 years, a 2:1 and one really happy graduate!! I have officially finished and graduated from the University of Warwick…….seriously cannot believe how fast it has gone. I’ve been a student blogger for Sociology since my first month as a fresher so I firstly just want to say thank you to Unitemps and the university for this opportunity, I’ve loved blogging during uni!

My first year: so my first year was an absolute rollarcoaster because it took my a while to really find my feet at university. Coming from college where the learning and essay writing is so regimented to uni where you have much more freedom to explore your own writing skills and choosing modules you want to learn was a real shock! I was also quite unsettled because I didn’t particularly find my people in first year, I liked my flat and my sociology friends but I did find my first year the hardest year so I chose to live with people I didn’t know. Overall though, my first year was full of ups and downs and only led me to having an amazing second year!

My second year: easily was the best year I had at university because I met my best friends who I went on holidays with, I went to Barcelona to visit my flatmate when she went on her year abroad so these are people that I know I will stay friends with for life! Second year was amazing because I just absolutely loved the people I was living with, I didn’t stop laughing, I went out partying so much which I loved and I came out with a 2:1 from my second year. Of course second year had its difficulties because I lost two of my grandparents during it however I was surrounded by the best people and despite that it was still the best year!

My third year: third year has also been absolutely amazing because I have met so many new people, this year was probably the year I met the most amount of people! We’ve had loads of house parties and pre drinks in our house and I’ve honestly had such a fab time because I really got close with my friends despite two of my best friends leaving uni on their year abroads. This year I have also been so happy with the modules I’ve studied and came out with a few firsts and mostly 2:1’s which has been amazing!

Overall, university has honestly been the most amazing experience of my life because I have come out a completely new person, I’ve had so many experiences that I will never forget and made friends that I know I will never lose touch with! There have of course been hard times, but for me the best thing has been sticking them out because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have met my best friends! If anybody is reading this blog and is unsure about going to Warwick……go! I would tell anybody to experience it because for me the University of Warwick has been an incredible journey that has shaped my future in the best way. So thank you to the university and good luck to all the undergraduates joining in September, make the most of it!

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