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My Favourite Things To Do On Campus

Anjalina Seehra United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Anything creative related! Or even just generally about life here…
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As a first year living on campus, there are so many fun things to do all year round.

For when the weather is nice!

At the beginning of first term and at the end of third term, the weather is lush and so spending your days outside is the way to go! (with sunscreen and plenty of water of course) Here are a few things that I did and planned to do when it was sunny outside.

  • Going for a Picnic– with some friends or even your family, a picnic can be a simple way to spend the day and one of the calmest. Pack some snacks in a bag along with a blanket and some cups and plates. You can even take it a step further and have a theme to your picnic; currently I’ve seen a lot of cottage core aesthetics with flowers and dresses but if that’s not to your fancy then you choose.
  • Stargazing– Along with the theme of a picnic but later in the day. Since Warwick is such a large campus with surrounding fields there are so many areas that you can go to watch the stars. I recommend bringing a friend with you though to be safe and for company. Pack some blankets and some snacks to keep you warm!
  • Walk to Kenilworth Castle– Either a 10 minute drive of a hour walk, Kenilworth castle offers some amazing views and has an Elizabethan Garden too. Make sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment though and the cost of tickets for students is £11.30 without donation and £12.50 with donation.
  • Sit outside in the Piazza with friends– Something I did often during term time was to take a break by meeting friends at the piazza. Not only did it provide a stress-free environment but also some well deserved time away from computer screens and essays. Plus from time to time, the big screen would play a good show or film to watch.
  • Take a walk/scooter around the campus– This one is for the beginning of first term or freshers week when you just want to explore the area and find out where your classes will be. The scooters are fun to use too and you can just whiz around on campus without getting tired of walking.
  • Go to The Dirty Duck and sit outside on the balcony– Not only can you observe interesting things going on around campus such as people dancing on the piazza but it’s also great to socialise at The Dirty Duck whilst drinking or without.
  • Play a sport– It doesn’t have to be competitive at all! During Summer I played a few rounds of badminton in the field and it was so lovely to get out in the sun.

For when the weather isn’t as nice!

It can suck when the weather decides to take a turn for the worst and days feel longer but there are so many ways to occupy spare time on campus even when it’s cold out.

  • If you are really lucky and it snows, a snowball fight– With all the accommodations being quite close together, it is the perfect excuse to go out and meet new people when it’s snowing. Although it’s cold and snow isn’t the most pleasant, it was the time at uni where I saw the most people out. Building snowmen is also such a good idea to do with your flat too. Make sure to capture some pictures as well, snow doesn’t come often in this country!
  • Watch a film with a flatmate– When the weather isn’t pleasant outside the best thing to do is be cosy with a few snacks and watch a film or series with a flatmates. This is nice especially when you can have blankets and pillows. My top trick when watching films was to elevate my desk chair to the highest level, place my laptop on there and then bring it close to the bed.
  • Have an indoor picnic– Unpopular opinion, indoor picnics are just as good as outdoor picnics. You don’t have to deal with the wind that knocks over cups and the random leaf that falls into the food. Instead with blankets and pillows you can build a fort and have a picnic. Another pro is that any food you cook will still be warm when you eat it!
  • Cook with some friends– Whether you are cooking pancakes for breakfast like me and my flatmate would do, cooking can be a great way to bond with people. Another great idea for cooking at university is to find deals on meal kits such as simply food and try out different cuisines you haven’t tried before!
  • Go to T bar with friends for a social– T bar is the best place to go for pres or just socialise with friends, and one of the best places for society meet ups!
  • Meet friends at Pret– On study breaks I would go to Pret and meet friends. Especially with the Pret subscription that makes buying coffee worth it!

There are so many wonderful things to do around campus that I probably haven’t listed, so make sure to comment any suggestions!

Good Luck Freshers

Anjalina Seehra United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Anything creative related! Or even just generally about life here…
Find out more about me Contact Anjalina

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