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My favourite things about being a PAIS student at Warwick

As my final year comes closer to an end, I am feeling reflective about my time here at Warwick.

I remember back to my induction in 2014; and, in particular, sitting in the introductory PAIS lecture and being welcomed by the department. 4 years later sitting in the finalist introductory lecture, one thing that stood out to me was the same level of support and enthusiasm displayed by the department – which has remained consistent throughout my time here.

Anyone who studies Politics at Warwick will have no trouble telling you that the department is proud of the support that it offers to its students; and for good reason. Student satisfaction is amongst the highest priorities of PAIS – and they take their student’s wellbeing very seriously. This is demonstrated through the continuous student services and events which are offered throughout the year. Some examples (to name only a few) are:

  • The weekly informal drop-in hours which are available for all Politics degree classifications – and I have used these talk about my experiences on the joint-honours degree programme.
  • The ‘wine and cheese’ events that allow you to mingle and meet with department head figures, as well as other students on your course. These generally provide an open and friendly space to discuss any matters in an informal setting.
  • The close attentiveness to student surveys and the ways that PAIS could improve its students’ experiences. Each year, we receive emails informing us about the ways in which the department has taken on board our opinions and tried to implement changes; whether that be through upgrading the PAIS common room facilities (which is a lovely space to work), enhancing the academic book availability in the library, or improving essay feedback or seminar structures. Whilst it is difficult to make changes to meet every student’s needs, the point is that there is a respect for our opinions and an attempt to understand them.

My favourite memories from being a Politics student at Warwick include the range of talks and events provided by the department and the student-run society (if you haven’t checked out their facebook page, have a browse to get an idea of the events they run!). I have also come to appreciate the more relaxed and easy-going approach to guiding us in our studies. A large part of this comes from the trust in students to take time to study independently; but there are an incredible number of resources to use and your seminar tutors are always there to help you.

As an added extra, the lower number of contact hours for a humanities degree means that you can spend a lot of your time doing extra-curricular activities which are also equally important for stimulating the mind, and helping you to make the most out of your degree.

One piece of advice I would give myself 4 years back and to anyone joining the PAIS community at Warwick would be to attend events to make friends. At times, it may feel like a big department and difficult to navigate the numbers of students- but the best way is to turn up at the social events and talk to your peers from your modules or the Politics society. It just makes it far more comfortable to know a few familiar faces in your degree course, than to feel complete bewilderment and as if you don’t know anybody! You’re never the only one; remember that everyone is in the same boat to begin with.

That’s all I’ve got to say on this for now 🙂 As always, if you have any questions on what it is like to be a Politics (and French) student at Warwick feel free to drop me a message.

Happy Holidays 🙂


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