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My favourite study spaces

Now that the summer holiday is nearing its end, I’m definitely ready to get back to university. I’ve moved back into Leamington, and now all that’s left to do is wait until term starts! It’s been great catching up with the uni friends that have also moved back early, and I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine. I probably should get a life, but I’m actually looking forward to getting back into lectures, and the library!

But the library isn’t the only place you can study when you’re at Warwick- there are loads of different places to try out. Sometimes, a change of scenery does wonders for your productivity. I’ve come up with a few of my favourites that I’ll be getting back to once lectures start again.

The Library

While I’ve already said that the library isn’t the only place to work in, it’s definitely a good place to start! With five floors and loads of resources, it’s the go-to study space for a lot of Warwick students. The first two floors are available for group study, so you don’t have to be silent. I tend to go to Floor 2 in between lectures, when I want to get a bit of reading done, but don’t need to concentrate too hard. Floor 3 is where I go if I have a couple of hours that I want to use productively. It’s the first silent floor in the library, but to me it feels less intense that Floors 4 and 5. It’s a nice middle ground and I practically lived there during exams!

The Science Concourse

This is my go-to place to work when I want to be productive, but don’t want to go somewhere as intense as the library. Sometimes seeing so many people working in the library can get stressful and intimidating! The study space outside the Physics Lecture Theatre is a great space to get work done in between lectures, particularly if you study chemistry or physics, as you’re bound to have some lectures and tutorials nearby. This is one of my favourite spaces to work (especially if someone has stolen my favourite seat on Floor 3!) and there’s going to be more space there this year, as I think some more tables and chairs have been bought for the concourse.

The SU

The SU can get a bit noisy, so I wouldn’t necessarily work there if I had lots of content to get through. However, this is another nice place to work for an hour or so in between lectures, especially around lunchtime. Rootes and The Breadoven are nearby, so the SU is the perfect place to read through some notes and meet friends for lunch. There are a few smaller tables and sofas, as well as booths and benches with tables if you need a group study session. The Rootes Building is similar in the way it has tables to work, and food available nearby- make sure you take breaks to eat!

The Ramphal Building

Last year I had quite a few lectures in the Ramphal Building, so in between lectures I would often sit upstairs to get a bit of work done. There are seats overlooking the atrium, and while there aren’t many of them, if you manage to get one then it’s a nice, peaceful working environment. It’s definitely worth trying to get a seat in there if you don’t fancy going to the library.

The Arts Centre

With The Arts Centre being renovated this year, I’m not sure whether this study space will still be available, but for the last two years there has been a seating area and a few tables upstairs. The seating area is a great place to relax with course-mates in between lectures (I’ve found that chemistry students have so many lectures in the Woods Scawen room) and I often worked on the desks in front of the window overlooking the piazza. It’s fun to people-watch during your revision breaks! Again, I’m not sure whether this will even exist this year, but hey, it was good while it lasted.

The Learning Grid (Campus and Leamington)

I think I’ve only worked in the campus learning grid once or twice, since it always seemed so busy, (who knows, I might give it another try this year) but it’s worth mentioning since I know a lot of people who prefer it to the library. However, if you’re living in Leamington, the grid in the Town Hall is definitely worth checking out. I’ve written about it before here, but it’s super handy if (like me) you can’t be that productive at home, but don’t want to trek onto campus every weekend.

It’s worth trying and testing some of these study spaces. For me it’s nice to have places other than the library to work in, but you should find out where you’re the most productive!

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