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My favourite spots on campus

I’m away from campus at the moment for the Easter Holidays, but I thought I would share some of my favourite spots on campus that I’m eager to visit again when I get back!

Curiositea: Curiositea is a very adorable coffee shop in the Student Union that has weekly specials (I was a big fan of Harry Potter Week and Stranger Things this year) as well as hot drinks, smoothies, and plenty of cakes and cookies. It also has lots of seats although it can get very busy sometimes. I love going there with friends for a late breakfast, to rest and talk after lectures, work through seminars, or just try out the new specials. I highly recommend the white hot chocolate, which I have had entirely too many of this year but still love!


The Law Hub: Dear Law students, take advantage of the Law Hub! It has a really comfortable study space but most importantly, it’s where the Law School organizes its Coffee Mornings on Thursdays which are amazing! I always go in between lectures to get some coffee and biscuits, and you can usually find course mates to talk to, or even lecturers if you have something to discuss. I found them especially useful at the start of the year to meet other students without having to immediately rush off to another lecture or seminar.

The Library: The library is one of the reasons why I loved the campus so much when I first went to visit Warwick. It’s divided between two floors of general study area where you can do group work and talk, and the upper floors which are quiet study areas. The bottom floors are great for group study sessions before exams, and I use the top floors when I have no motivation to study and need to get away from distractions to get some actual reading done. The ground floor has vending machines for when you need a quick snack (and Ben&Jerry’s ice cream!), but if you need something more substantial, the library café always has something good too.

The area behind Bluebell: I don’t know what it is called, but there is a really lovely path that runs behind Bluebell and near the forest where I love to go for walks when the weather is nice (or when it snows because it was so beautiful). And if you take the path up to the Medical School you will find yourself in the presence of the beloved Koan so it’s a journey not to miss!


The Bookstore: Located in the Art Center, the bookstore has books that you might need for your course, but also a large selection of bestsellers, classics and others. Also, if you are seeking Warwick merchandise, then it is the place to go! Or if you want some more things to decorate your room, it has posters, candles and much more. The atmosphere is very nice so I like to just browse through everything every once in a while (and fight back the urge to get another Warwick sweater).

I think that these are my top favourites, but there are many other great spots to discover if you come to Warwick! As always, feel free to contact me if you want to know more about Warwick 🙂

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