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My Favourite Spots on Campus

Today I wanted to come and give you more of an insight into the Warwick Campus. I know that with Covid-19 some of you were unable to attend campus for offer holder days and even this summer would have been the perfect time to come and visit. So today I’m going to spill the tea on my favourite spots on campus.

1. Cryfield Hub

I don’t have a real life picture that actually showcases the hub but this is a very accurate recreation. The hub opened for us in the middle of the year and, as expected is only accessible for Cryfield Residents. If you won’t be staying in Cryfield I’m sure a friend can let you in sometimes but I have to say it is one of the best places on Campus. For me I found it super convenient because I lived around the corner. Not only are there chill out spaces but upstairs there’s a cinema room, music room and ‘function room’. It is the easiest way to organise a quick meet up with your friends, while doing your laundry downstairs at the same time.

2. Lakeside Village

Lakeside, if you don’t live there is so beautiful and peaceful to walk around. This spot says what it is on the tin, you have beautiful lake views and it is so serene. I found it super comforting when I would walk around here if I was feeling stressed because when you’re on central campus all the time, it’s a breath of fresh air to get away. Its not far at all and you will discover more shortcuts and geese in more shapes and sizes than you can imagine.

3. Law Hub

This is the first place, as a law student, you should make yourself comfortable, outside of your accommodation. It is the best place to revise and spend your all nighter. I promise you it is less distracting than the library (unless you are on a silent floor) and you know that almost everyone there has studied or is studying the exact same thing you are. There is genuinely a feeling of community and you meet more people in your course everyday as well as the Law Soc exec.

4. Claycroft Fields

Similarly to Lakeside, the fields around Claycroft are another not so secret hidden gem. One thing I was definitely robbed of this year was having picnics in the sun in Claycroft. I personally feel that when I can find spots like this that are essentially empty and just quiet it really calms me down. ( I don’t know how many of you are astrology people) but I am a virgo (earth sign) so being close to nature is so soothing for me. Whether you’re into that or not but even if its a placebo effect, it is extremely grounding.

5. Piazza

The piazza is hands down the best place on campus. Almost everyday of the week there’s something new there. Whether its a food market or art sale its really the easiest most accessible place to enjoy yourself. Even coming out of your room to come sit on the steps or in between seminars the sun shines bright, you’re right next to the shops and it has such good vibes. Probably one of the first things you picture in your mind when you think of Warwick and I promise it doesn’t disappoint.

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