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Kiera Evans United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Kiera Evans | Postgraduate History (Modern) Contact Kiera

I have been tap dancing for a few years, so I was quick to sign up to Warwick Tap when I arrived at Warwick in September.

In my first lesson, I didn’t feel very confident (it was the first time I had been to a dance lesson that wasn’t taught by my teacher from home, without the people I’d been dancing with for years), but I was made to feel welcome and every week we worked towards our Showcase performance. 

I did find some of the choreography a challenge, as there were steps in our dance that I hadn’t done before, but again, there was such a positive attitude in the lessons that I didn’t feel nervous to ask questions.

The day of the Showcase arrived and I really enjoyed performing the dance. The next week, we started on the dance we would do in the next show, Pizazz, which is organised by Warwick Tap. 

During Term 1, I didn’t go to many social events, but I did attend more in Term 2 as my confidence was growing. Tap regularly goes circling, and it also holds quite a lot of sober socials, such as laser tag and a meal out, all of which I really enjoyed. 

Pizazz went well, and our attention turned to the exec elections. I hadn’t really imagined myself on an exec before coming to university, but by the middle of Term 2 I knew it was something I definitely wanted to get involved in. I’m now one of 10 exec members, and I love being a part of it. 

In Term 3, when we couldn’t all be together, Tap still held live-streamed lessons and the social secretaries organised some great events. We did a virtual circle, which was chaotic but very fun, a Zoom baking session, and a virtual escape room to name a few. 

Tap is such a wholesome, friendly, and fun society. It welcomes anyone, no matter what experience you have, as there is a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced class, as well as Intermediate and Advanced competition classes. I’ve been involved in two shows this year, which is more than I’ve ever done before.

It is a small society, but I think that’s what I like about it; everyone knows each other well, so the socials are very relaxed and everyone is happy to talk to everyone else. 

I’m so happy I’m a part of Tap. I do wish I’d got more involved with the socials in Term 1 as I would have got to know everyone more quickly than I did, but I was still welcomed when I went to socials in Term 2. I can’t wait to be back with everyone next term, in whatever form we can be. 

Kiera Evans United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Kiera Evans | Postgraduate History (Modern) Contact Kiera

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