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My favourite sitting pastimes

Yay, we did it! We have all survived the longest, darkest month of the year, tackled exams and essay deadlines, and stretched our student loans out to the last penny. While term two can be hectic and there is always something new and exciting going on, its also important to take time out and relax and just have a bit of me time. If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you’ll know how sporty I am and how I tend not to sit down, but due to a recent injury I’m spending rather a lot of time on my backside, so thought I’d share some of my favourite sitting pastimes for you to try out in your spare time.

I don’t think I watched nearly as much TV last year as I do this year having a TV in the lounge. Instead of tucking myself into bed, I tend to sit and watch reruns of Friends or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Netflix. Occasionally if we’ve got time to spare we’ll play a classic film that’s been recommended to us, or I’ll invite the girls over for a cute chick flick and hot chocolate kind of night. Of course, I do still tuck myself into bed early or watch TV on my own, but why not make it a social occasion? That way, you feel less guilty about neglecting that extra reading as you’re bonding with friends too.


As a history student, it feels like I never stop reading and after a long day in the library, sometimes the last thing I want to do is look at a book. But part of the reason I originally loved history was because I loved to read and lose myself in the stories history has to tell, and it’s still one of my favourite hobbies. No one’s saying you have to plough through a Tolkien or Joyce but take recommendations from your friends for an exciting plotline to take you away from uni work for a bit. If that fails, have a browse of the Boar, Warwick’s student written and edited newspaper and maybe be inspired to write something yourself.

As a bit of a literature nerd, I also love going to the theatre, and believe me when I say Warwick’s got it all. From extravagant musicals to dystopian plays to one-women comedies, there is something for everyone, most of which are all student written, starring and produced. Many productions will be admission free and may often have a course mate or two lurking in, so go out there and support fellow students, all the while marvelling in the incredible creative brains Warwick has.

When you’re running around in between lectures, its hard to find a time to sit down and enjoy food as it was meant to be. Take time out and organise a meal out with your flat or friends or get a group together for takeaway and a movie. Enjoy the fine food and company before that loan or pop balance runs out.

So, there are some activities that have been taking up my time, all while remaining seated. They don’t take much effort and cost relatively little or nothin, so why not give them a go. Trust me, it will make a nice break from uni work while still being social and relaxing you at the same time. You’re welcome!

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