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My favourite places to go for a study break on campus

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With the exams approaching in less than 2 months, I’m sure most of the students are/will be spending most of their time studying on campus. As an outdoor type of person, you can always find me taking breaks from my library desk to get some fresh air. Here are 3 of my favourite go-to places to have my lunch or simply go for a walk depending on where I’m studying and how much time I have.

Main Campus

25 Minutes

If I am studying in the library or Rootes learning grid, I often go to walk along the lake behind Bluebell. There’s a route that starts from Bluebell to Claycroft, vice versa. The whole route takes about 15 minutes, with exceptional scenery during spring and summer time. There are also some benches where you can sit and just chill but I would not recommend having lunch there as that place is highly geese-and-ducks populated as shown in the pictures below. The whole round trip from the library would take about 25 minutes.

40 Minutes

Again, if I am studying on main campus and have 40 minutes to spare, I usually walk around the “less-travelled” part of the campus- from Cryfield through Heron Bank then returning to the library through WBS. The whole route takes about 40 minutes but rewards you with great scenery up on the Cryfield Pavilion and the lake by Heron Bank.

University House

15 minutes

Occasionally, I study at University House where the atmosphere is less intense than the library in my opinion, with desks and computers scattered around the learning grid in a more open layout. Westwood campus is definitely my go-to place for lunch and study breaks.


Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

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