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My favourite places on campus

Hey everyone! Term 2 is now over which means the Easter break is now upon us! While I hope those of you who haven’t broken up just yet are eagerly looking forward to getting a good long rest.

Currently right now I’ve decided to stay on campus for just a couple more days just to finish off a little bit of work and organise some things before going home. With that in mind and spring trying to bloom through this currently up and down weather, I thought I might talk about some of my favourite places on campus.

This really is the heart of campus – Home to the SU, Arts Centre, Rootes Building and many other major facilities here at Warwick. Generally when I have some time to spare I enjoy heading down here just to get a feel for daily events currently happening on campus. Often you’ll find many opportunities being advertised here with society show-casings, employer stands, vintage markets and my personal favourite, the bi-monthly food markets!

To clear my head and wind down after a long day, often I enjoy going for a walk to get some fresh air and let go of any worries. Behind Bluebell and Jack Martin is a beautiful nature reserve with a small lake and old woodlands, which is really comforting to wonder through and lose yourself if you want to get out of the busy life on campus. This is one of my personal favourites as it reminds me of all the nice comforts of home when I used to walk with my dog and watch the seasons change. I’m looking forward to seeing this area bloom during the spring and summer months!

I’m very British in the sense that I cannot live without my tea! Curiositea is my go-to place on campus for catching up for a chat with friends. The atmosphere is as you would expect for a nice, quirky coffee shop which for me is why I prefer it to Costa. Plus the prices are also one of the cheapest on campus and they serve a range of different (and sometimes quite adventurous) drinks and food items such as paninis and bagels which are great as a treat. Similar to many of the major food outlets on campus, you can also easily ask for any changes to made to your order if you have any specific dietary requirements.

Coffee with friends!

Coffee with friends!

Or DCS as we call it, is at no surprise one of the places where I spend most of my time! Outside of my timetabled seminars and labs, I also find the department a great place to study. On the ground floor, you have access to the main terminal rooms containing the departmental machines, plus the Student Common and Work rooms. For general study, this is often one of my go-to places – apart from times very close to assignment deadlines, the department usually doesn’t get very busy since it’s only accessible to CS and DM students, which makes a big difference compared to places such as the Learning Grid or the Library at peak times! Plus generally speaking I prefer the more informal atmosphere of the department compared with the slightly more intense setting of the library– coming in and saying hi to familiar faces and working with others round you really makes it a much nicer and welcoming environment to be in!

Plus for those of you potentially coming to Warwick next year, you’ll be able to look forward to being one of the first to use the brand new modern building currently in development behind DCS – which will be housing additional facilities for all three departments within Mathematical Sciences.

DCS and Maths in Autumn

DCS and Maths/Stats building in Autumn

The new interdisciplinary building under construction

Living on campus really been one of the biggest perks of my first-year experience so far. I’ve had so many good times over the last two terms right here with my flatmates, whether that’s just generally chatting or catching up throughout the day or having a big night-in. This has involved us all either cooking dinner together, making and flipping pancakes or simply chilling out to music and playing board games!

Of course there are many of places and things to do on campus which hadn’t made this list, but especially for those of you planning on coming to Warwick next year, hopefully this gives you a small slice of the different things you can look forward to. Plus if you haven’t already, I would highly recommend that you come and visit campus and get a feel for the atmosphere here yourself!

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