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My extracurricular involvements in 2nd year

Someone advised me before coming to University that if you are sitting idle at Uni, you will be doing something wrong. I have tried to apply it in a manner that I have taken up several extracurricular roles. This helps me know more people, develops numerous soft skills and expands my general knowledge.

I was elected as the Vice Chair of ‘Warwick Business School- Student Staff Liaison Committee’ this year. This is the Student Council of WBS. We listen to student feedback and progress it to WBS staff. My role basically involves co- leading the student reps meetings and ones with staff. As co- chair, we have constant interaction with WBS staff.

Warwick Consulting Society (WCS) deals with Consulting careers and organises events with top consulting employers. We also work for some real consulting projects and get involved with clients. As an Exec team, we have got different roles. As the Secretary for the Society, I deal with administrative matters. I send the Society newsletters and coordinate with the Student Union (SU) for relevant matters.

As an orientation helper at the start of the year, I assisted in organizing the Orientation events planned for the students who signed up for the Orientation. I met a lot of new people through it and it also helped develop some soft skills like interpersonal and communication.

My final extracurricular involvement for this year has been as a ‘Student Ambassador’ for WBS. This role gives me a lot of pride and also the responsibility that comes with representing WBS. We coordinate to organise open days and offer holder days. Information sessions are also held for prospective students and ambassadors are trained to provide campus tours to parents and prospective students.

These are all the roles I am involved in this year. Occasionally, managing all these extra tasks with my academic degree is challenging. However, the networking and self improving opportunities that these roles provide me with are all worth managing.

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