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My experiences within the SSLC

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Many of you probably don’t even know what the abbreviation SSLC means, however this post will hopefully make this more clear and encourage people to apply for this role when you get provided with this chance.

SSLC stands for Student-Staff-Liaison-Committee. This deserves full commitment, because you will be the voice of the students on your course. It will involve discussions with members of staff as well as other students about learning, support networks for students as well as any course clarifications, concerns etc.

I have enjoyed being a part of this team last academic year and I believe that there are a lot of benefits from this:

Members of staff give a lot of respect to your opinion – discussions involve people from years above you as well as academic convenors. This doesn’t just mean that they always try to find a solution to everything, but they also look at possible changes (for the same academic year or the following), if needed to further improve the whole student experience.

Discussion with all year groups – since there are course reps for every year, it is great to just sit there and hear from the years above you mention what the positives and the concerns are about their course. This makes you aware of what is going on in the other years. Also, if anyone in a lower year to you mentions something, you might be able to help out yourself.

Certificate Vitae – it’s something you can write down on your CV. You can mention all the skills you’ve developed from this experience such as organisational skills as well as communication skills (e.g.listening to other people’s opinion first before responding etc.)

Communication with peers – There are roughly 160 students on my Chemistry course. Being a SSLC course rep has made many people know about me more; I have used the Facebook groupchat as well as other social media methods to ask if there’s anything they’d like to be raised before any meetings. It’s an approach you could use in the future.

Help you to be more aware of what goes on in the university as well as your department – The meetings involve discussions about our own course and discussions about other areas of the university life too. For example: using the library, using the careers help services, seminar sizes etc.

You’re part of the SU – Students Union is a big part of the Warwick campus and being an exec here stands in great pride.

If you have any questions regarding the SSLC, please feel free to comment below.

Results day for Year 13s is just round the corner and I will be helping out with the clearing process at Warwick University again this year. If you have any questions regarding results, clearing or adjustment, feel free to get in touch and I will try my best to help, but otherwise GOOD LUCK to all!


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