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My experiences with the Bhangra society

It is quite common to forget about the world and focus on revision at this time of the year. It has been two weeks at home but I refused to take a proper break and have been focussing on getting as much revision done as possible. However, I thought I should reflect upon my best experiences at Warwick in the past two terms and in this post, I’ll discuss the Bhangra society.

Being a Punjabi, Bhangra society was something I had planned to join well before I came to Warwick. I stalked them on Facebook looking at their posts, videos and events to get a feel for how they did Bhangra. I met the exec at the meet & greet and got to know many at the classes and I am ever so pleased that I joined the society.

Never did I find it awkward to be doing Bhangra as a chemist because there are people from so many different academic backgrounds doing it — lawyers, historians, economists, classicists, politicians and engineers! We all did Bhangra every Tuesday evening for two hours. Each class with its own fun and new moves to learn and of course when there was a move that was particularly hard you just end up making up your own that suits you.

Let alone Bhangra, I had not danced for years before coming to Warwick therefore term 1 was all about getting over the awkwardness of dancing with people. Here the exec was very supportive and they’d come to you to help if you’re reluctant to ask for it (which I initially found myself to be). Term 2 was then about actually picking up the moves which was not that easy but only two days ago, I did Bhangra in front of parents on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of you’ and even though it was the most unprofessional performance, my parents loved it!

Additionally, Bhangra is a good exercise and I always found the two-hour work-out great for me (since I do nothing else; except walking). There will be no Bhangra in term 3 but I cannot wait for it to start again next year. You can also apply to be on the Bhangra team and perform at events however I didn’t think I was ready for this and wanted to enjoy the weekly classes only.

Bhangra society liaises very closely with the Punjabi society having had many socials and meals in the past. Having said that, Bhangra society is not entirely predominated by Punjabi people. Lots of people from different backgrounds enjoy the dance where the president of the society for this year was not Punjabi himself. They’ve also had events with the belly dance society and performed at Pizazz with other dance societies.

It has definitely been a great society for me to meet people, make friends and get a weekly dose of exercise in the most exciting way where whilst doing Bhangra, I began to enjoy Punjabi music as well.

Feel free to comment below if you want any Punjabi song recommendations or have any other questions!

  • Simret

    How does one join this bhangra society and where is it located in warwick?


    • Manpreet Kaur

      Hi Simret, you can join the Warwick Bhangra Society by going on the Warwick SU website. You’ll have to pay the SU Federation fees and then membership fees for the society (if applicable as some societies are free to join). Classes are held at different locations and, as far as I am aware, Warwick Bhangra can be contacted using Facebook and Instagram (@WarwickBhangra) where they also post the details of the times and venue of their classes.

      There is no mention of the society on the Warwick SU page but I am sure there will be closer to the beginning of term or perhaps at the start of term 1 as the Bhangra society is (as far as I am aware) due to reopen in term 1. Here is the link to their Facebook page if you wish to speak to the exec about anything:


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