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My Experience Living in Rootes

I completely understand and relate to the same stress many of you are currently feeling: the stress of choosing the right accommodation.

I clearly recall this anxious period in my life. One obviously wants to make the so-called ‘right’ decision, as this is where you will be living for the whole of your first year at university. When I was making this decision, I perused all of the online forums and student blogs about the available accommodation at Warwick, and it was all in all relatively confusing. Everyone states that their chosen accommodation was the best – but don’t take their comments as gospel. What you ought to know however, is that Rootes, is the best accommodation, and this post will explain why I, personally, hold this belief. (Which is obviously the overriding, undeniable truth).

Rootes is the biggest accommodation block on campus. Funded by Lord Rootes, to whom the name is awarded, the four long accommodation blocks take up a large space in the fields behind the Student Union. This is very central campus, so much so that I recall getting up but a mere ten minutes before my 9AM, and still making it on time (albeit looking a bit of a mess and feeling a bit hungry). Being so central means that it is very close to the Copper Rooms, the Student Union’s club on campus, as well as the Piazza and the surrounding restaurants on campus. It’s very convenient in the sense that there is also the Rootes Grocery Store only a five minute walk away from the accommodation block too, which is perfect when you need that late night snack (be careful though, the store will close at midnight!)

Whilst the location is undoubtedly a high point, what I liked the most was the Rootes atmosphere. Rootes is known as a ‘party’ block, and it definitely lives up to its reputation. However, I would redefine ‘party’, and simply describe it as a ‘social’ block. Whereas accommodations such as Bluebell are infamous for their hotel-like atmosphere and the peacefulness of the kitchens, Rootes is known for always having things going on. The blocks are designed so that once you open one of the main entrance doors, you are able to walk the whole length of the hallway without any other key. This could be seen as a negative, or a really, really positive aspect of the place. One thing I really enjoyed doing, was walking the length of the hallways each time I went to my seminars. I lived in block M, which was in New Rootes (there are two types of Routes: Old and New. Self-explanatory, really.) Living there meant that I was at the very end of the corridor, and I could walk along the top of my block, then down the stairs to get to the exit at the other end of the block. It meant that I would bump into my friends, and even meet new people each journey. Additionally, this would mean that if one wants to go on a night out and looking for friends to go with, it’s easy enough to walk to another flat’s kitchen to find a party or anything of the like going on. Hence why Rootes gained the appropriate name as the ‘party’ block. We’re just sociable, welcoming people.

I believe that Rootes is arguably the best accommodation on campus for these reasons. It is also on the cheaper end of the scale, and it was even cheaper for me, who shared a room and became best friends with my roommate. It was an amazing experience, with people I got on well with and I have some of the best memories made in First Year because of my time in Rootes.

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