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My difficult first exam

Today marked the start of the end for me. I did my first exam and after this set of exams, I will no longer have any undergraduate University work. I can sleep and socialize without feeling guilty and I am excited for that time to come. At the moment, it is just a case of getting there.

I had my first exam today…

I walked in with a false sense of confidence; because I have revised A LOT, I thought there should not be an issue, I told myself. How wrong I was. I sat down in my seat and turned over my paper. BANG! Four questions, two to pick. Every single question was disgusting. See my predictions had come up, but I found the questions mixed. I was being asked to consider the content in a way that I had never done before. One of my questions included a quote and another was a paragraph. I spent fifteen minutes planning and another fifteen minutes trying to focus. I was not panicked; more apathetic. Revising for these exams had sucked out my soul, and actually completing the exam was worse. I just wanted to sleep or draw or do anything else. So I took many deep breaths, and drew on the question paper and gave my brain a quick break. Though, half an hour in, I got down to writing. I did not finish my essay questions. I left them both without a conclusion. However, I should have done enough to pass the module, if not do moderately well.

In conclusion…

Exams are not easy, but especially from this experience, I have noticed that even if the questions are not as expected or even if you cannot give a perfect answer, it does not mean that all hope is lost. Moreover, if you need to break during the exam, but not be writing, that it is completely okay if it gets your head in the right place.  

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