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Sophie Schremser | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sophie

I’ve been debating with what topic to start my blog journey with… how about a thorough introduction?

My name is Sophie and I am a 20 year old student in Languages, Culture and Communication. It is lovely to meet you !

Language, Culture and Communication is a course that is different to what most students on this campus take. The usual reaction when mentioning what you study varies from “that exists?” to a long awkward “riiiight”. The reason for this is that it is a pretty recent addition to the course options and we therefore are relatively smaller compared to other courses.

Why do I believe this is a great course for anyone?

In year 1 I had 5 core modules. Linguistics, Culture Cognition and Society, Language in Society, Research Academic and Professional Skills, and a foreign language. When I was applying to this course, I was in a position where I was not exactly sure in what direction I wanted to go in, and I believed that these modules sounded broad, and gave me a wide range of skills to see what I liked best. Fortunately, I was right, and what I discovered is that this course acts as a funnel for me – I started wide, and then narrowed down my studies. My first year included so many various topics that I was really able to identify where I want to go in with more depth. This year, for example, I have decided to focus more on business communication and took modules like “Intercultural Business Communication”, and even had the opportunity to take a module from the Warwick Business School. However, even with the broad syllable, I never felt like I wasted time in my first year as the skills you learn are so vast and broad that you will always be able to use them, and even need them, if I may say, in your future professional career.

At the moment I think we are about 30 students. Sounds weird? Maybe, but it makes the new experience of university so much easier.

As we are, at the moment, a limited amount of students, we all inescapably know each other. The lectures are not filled with 200 strangers you do not know, they’re filled with your 25 friends. Additionally, a smaller group means more interactive lectures; the professor can prepare exercises, you can easily ask questions,… You really develop a one to one relationship with your teachers and that will always be really helpful for recommendation letters, for personal/individual feedback, etc, really giving you the chance to develop academically and personally.

My favourite thing about this course being more recent is that we get to see it growing, and what is even better, is that we get to have a say in it ! Some students from our “GloCAL” society have, for example, organised a linguistics ball in March !

I hope this gave you a bit of insight into our small but happy course, please feel free to ask any questions, or ideas of experiences you want to hear from me!

If you got this far, thank you very much.

Happy holidays!


Sophie Schremser | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sophie

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