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My A Level Results Day…

Around this time last year I received my A Level results. Like everyone else, I was up early rapidly refreshing UCAS to see what had happened before driving in to get my brown envelope of doom (or joy).

Having refreshed UCAS a million times and had numerous texts from my mates asking if I’d got in and telling me where they were going, my UCAS just said that my place at my insurance choice was confirmed… but nothing about Warwick…

It was now way past the time when UCAS should’ve updated, so I jumped in my car and drove into sixth form to get my results and see what was happening! I knew I needed AAA to get in to do Management at Warwick and I was relatively happy with how my exams went – so you can imagine how nerve wracking this drive was.

Safe to say I made it into sixth form in record time that day…

I arrived and opened my results. AAB. Oh and an A* in General Studies which sadly nobody really cares about.

I was gutted, and a little confused. My B came in English Language, the subject I was most confident with! Having done well on the coursework, and achieved an A or an A* grade in all my mocks, I was surprised and devastated to see a ‘d’ for my grade in the exam.

My first port of call was to call Warwick. They had not yet accepted or rejected me. Unfortunately the response I got was that they were still making a decision over my application. In the meantime, I went off to fill in a remark form (overall, I was 7 ums away from an A).

I got the form filled in and the money paid within the hour – and my paper was sent off to be remarked.

I then had a tough choice to make… do I confirm my insurance? Look for somewhere else through clearing? Hope that Warwick accept me with AAB? Pray that my grades are AAA after the remark? Take a gap year? Resit English Language next year? All of this whilst my mates were out celebrating getting into their first choice for uni!

That evening I got a call from Warwick where they said they couldn’t accept me onto the Management course with AAB, but offered me a place on another course (which I didn’t particularly want to do). I declined the other course offer and decided to just wait it out, and hope that my remark comes back good!

About a week went by which most of my mates spent buying stuff for uni and celebrating etc… and I spent on ‘The Student Room’ trying to calculate the probability of my grades going up and find out how long the remark would take to come back!

Thankfully, almost exactly a week later, my remark came back. My English paper had increased by 10 ums meaning my overall grade went to an A!

I called Warwick immediately and sent across the proof and they confirmed my place on the Management course.

It was a tough week of waiting – but I’m glad I chose to stick it out, I got here in the end!

I hope your results went the way you wanted them to. If not, don’t worry. Things tend to have a way of sorting themselves out somehow!

Best of luck to you if you didn’t make it into your first choice this time.

And welcome to those who’ll be joining me at Warwick in October!

That’s all for now,


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