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My 2nd Year at Warwick

I can’t quite believe that in October, I will be starting the final year of my Early Childhood Foundation Degree. These past two years seem to have flown by. However, whilst the first two terms of my second year seemed to go quickly, the third term didn’t seem to fly by as fast! I think that having three assignments due, during May and June, made the term feel longer. I must admit, the last two months were a hard slog, and I was glad when my last assignment was submitted, and the summer holidays officially started!

I’ve enjoyed my second year. I was a bit apprehensive about the modules this year, which included words like ‘Policy’ and ‘Research’!! I wasn’t sure if they’d be my cup of tea. However, to my surprise, I enjoyed all 3 modules (if I had to choose though, ‘Researching Early Childhood’ and ‘Safety and Risk in Early Learning Spaces’ were my two favourites). We had great teachers again this year, and I feel that I’ve learned so much. Furthermore, my academic writing seems to improve with each assignment, which I am really pleased about.

Also, this academic year, as well as doing my degree, I decided to complete a number of Skills Development and IT workshops. In addition to this, I decided to enrol on the Warwick Skills Portfolio Award (WSPA). I enrolled on the WSPA in October 2018 and completed it in May 2019. For the award, I attended three workshops, then I reflected on my learning, set myself goals and worked towards them. For the final part of the WSPA, I wrote a 750-word ‘completion assignment’, in which I reflected on my overall learning, from participating in the WSPA. I enjoyed completing the WSPA. I found it useful reflecting on the workshops, as I felt that it supported what I had learned. And, at the end of the WSPA, I got to attend a celebration event, in which I received a badge and certificate, for my participation in the award. The event also included lunch, and we could bring a guest, so I invited my Mum to join me, for the celebration.

Completing the WSPA and attending the June celebration event was a nice end to my second year at Warwick. Now, I am looking forward to the summer break and spending some quality time with my family. We have some nice trips planned, and it’ll be nice to have a bit of a break from the books.

Whilst I did find the second year of the Early Childhood Foundation Degree challenging, I was really pleased with my progress throughout the year and my final overall mark, for the three modules that I completed. I’m really enjoying the course, it continues to interest me, and I now feel ready for my final year. Once I’ve completed the Foundation Degree, I intend to progress on to the BA(Hons), which starts in 2020. Then, I need to decide on the route that I want to take after that. However, I’ve still got a bit of time before I need to make that decision. So, for the next month or so, no more uni, books or studying for me – I’m having a well deserved rest!

Have a great summer break, all! Enjoy your time off and recharge your batteries for the next academic year! 🙂

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