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My 1st Blog

Hello, and welcome to my 1st ever blog.

Where to begin? Let’s start with a reflection of my time on the degree so far. Well, I can’t believe I’m in my 3rd year already, the time has flown by and we only have 2 weeks till its Easter. The 3rd year is nearly over and after this I only have 1 more year to go. So far there have been highs and lows: from completing my 1st essay and not failing too wanting to quit in the 1st year because I didn’t think I could do it. For me it has been a roller coaster ride. Quite a few people I’ve spoken to have also gone through these thoughts during their degree, it seems to be quite normal for a mature student. Our lives are hectic.

When I started the degree my daughter Faith was 6 months old and she will be 3 in a couple of weeks. The time has flown by. I’m trying to organise her birthday party at the moment. I started this course to improve not only my life but the life of my family, especially making sure Faith has everything she needs growing up and hopefully more. Being a mother and a student is very rewarding. Its great when younger students are amazed at how you manage to be a mother and study at the same time and many of the younger students I’ve spoken to have a great respect for anyone who does this. That helps boost your confidence so much. It’s not always easy, it does require determination, perseverance and a lot of organizational skills, juggling the daily routines of family life. Faith goes to nursery, but she calls it little school, to her I go to big school.

Right now I’m struggling a bit with my dyslexia, but I’m determined to preserve. The staff in the Centre for Lifelong Learning are great at supporting people when they need help or advise. Well, actually I haven’t come across anyone who isn’t yet. When I started my degree I went for an assessment for dyslexia after a member of staff suggested that I might be. I went along and a few weeks later I found out that I was dyslexic. I’ve had support for this throughout my degree. At the moment the dyslexia tutors are looking at different ways to support me. What I’ve learnt so far is that as long as you keep talking to your personal tutor, or other members of staff, they are always there to help and support you through your studies. Don’t leave things to the last minute.

My last thoughts for today are…… Take up the offer of the courses that are available to you, either through the Centre for Lifelong Learning or IT Services or Student Careers and Skills. These have helped me through my degree. If your IT skills aren’t great you can learn how to use software, or you can get help with study skills, reflective writing, academic writing and many more.

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