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Music in, world out.

Jane Chan
Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

Normally, I like to study in complete silence and in a relaxed environment, so no background music or people around me chatting. Unfortunately, that is kinda impossible when you are always fighting for a space in the learning grid or library, or have noisy neighbours who play loud EDM all day long on a Sunday. So, here are a few of my favourite playlists on Spotify to help me block the noise out and concentrate on my revision:

‘Stress Relief’

I’ve recently discovered this playlist made by Spotify. All songs have no lyrics, mostly piano music with some natural sounds like bird tweeting and waterfall. This is currently my top go-to playlist to put on when I want to study in a calm atmosphere and just imagine I’m one with the nature. I also listen to this playlist when I’m stressing out to calm my nerves down a bit as the music is incredibly soothing.

‘Sweet Soul Sunday’

Although the title seems to be day-specific, I put on this playlist whenever I’m feeling some soul. Also, since I don’t know over 80% of the songs in this playlist, again, I can’t really sing along or hum the melody and get distracted.

‘Lost in the Woods’

Indie folk has always been one of my favourite music genres. It’s chilled, it’s fun. So if you’re feeling something “authentic”, give this a listen!


For those of you who don’t know who he is, Yiruma is a famous Korean pianist and music composer, known for his contemporary piano pieces called ‘River Flows in You’ and ‘Sometimes’ and he is my favourite contemporary pianist. These are the three reasons why you should check out his music if you haven’t.

I occasionally listen to pop songs on the chart and house music to energize my brain whenever I feel tired, but since I know the lyrics of the songs, I tend to stay away from them to avoid distraction.

Best of luck with your assignments and exams!


Jane Chan
Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

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