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Moving out?

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It has been 11 months after I moved into my second year house, but I’m now fully moved back home before my year abroad. Moving out of a university accommodation was very different to moving to university, so thought I would offer some tips ready for next year. 

Start with the rubbish

One way to be able to sort everything out quickly for me was to do a sweep round of any recycling or rubbish first. Cleaning up, removing any packaging lying around, or miscellaneous items that weren’t needed was a useful start and left me in a very productive mood for the rest of the day. Just make sure to separate out your recyclables/landfill products to make throwing it away easier!

Enlist another person

I was really lucky in that my mum came along and helped me, although this could be anyone from a parent, to a coursemate, or someone else. Tidying with more than one person is much more fun, and can be a good bit of time spent with someone before a summer spent away from uni friends. Adding music, or entertainment, in the background can add to the fun!

Don’t be afraid to donate

Realise you’re taking home clothes that you haven’t worn in a while, or won’t wear again? Start a pile to take to a local collection centre or charity shop before you leave. Someone else could find a use for it, and you’ll be making your journey back/packing even easier. This doesn’t just stand for clothes, but also cooking items or other miscellaneous ones.

On campus or off campus? Use RAWKUS!

RAWKUS is a volunteer organization at Warwick that works with Warwick Accommodation at the end of the year to collect unwanted non-perishable food items, cooking equipment, and unwanted goods from university halls in order to donate to local charities including foodbanks across Coventry and Leamington. If you live off campus, drop off points are located around campus (found on the RAWKUS facebook page)

Finally, make sure you clean after you’re done packing!

After moving out this year, we made sure that the room was as clean as when I arrived this year. While some wear and tear throughout the year is expected, leaving the room as clean as possible will help both the landlord and the future inhabitant, as well as showing the landlord that you have kept the house in good condition (especially if you have a deposit for that house!). 

Hope that you all have a good summer – and congrats to all who have graduated this year!

Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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