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Moving out of on-campus accommodation

For a first year student at Warwick, the end of exams in Term 3 was the cue to get packing and move out as on-campus accommodation contracts come to an end. Everyone always imagines the moving in process to be the significant memory and well, it definitely is. But, the moving out process is no different. Just how moving in represents the beginning of a new era of independent living in our lives, moving out makes you realise what a long way you’ve come since then. It’s impossible to not draw parallels. As you pack up all those things that you thought you’d need but you never once used, you’ll understand how much you’ve grown. And finally, as the tiny dorm room in which you’ve made the most special memories becomes empty again for the first time since you moved in, you’re left fuller than ever with a sense of pride and confidence. Pride in your journey and a newfound confidence in your ability to adapt to new situations. 

In this blog post I plan to give you an insight into the typical moving out process of a student who lived on campus: 

  • Storage companies – As Term 3 draws to an end, you will begin to see names of several storage companies advertised everywhere through flyers in your flat’s kitchen and emails in your inbox. Take a note of these and any coupon codes they come with. Common companies include LoveSpace and Safe Store among others. Each of them has different specifics regarding price, box requirements, whether they accept suitcases in storage and others so be sure to compare them and choose the one that best suits your requirements. 
  • Future accommodation – Few second year accommodations in Leamington may allow you to store your belongings in some storage space they have. This is rare but it’s always worth a check.
  • Team up – Quite often storage companies offer discounts on a higher number of boxes. Teaming up with friends to store your things with the same company might therefore allow you to save some cash. However, make sure that all of you are ready to part with your belongings and receive them on the same day as most companies do not to multiple pick-ups and drop-offs of items. Also ensure that at least one of you is available on the pick-up and drop-off date to physically deal with the storage company.
  • Boxes – You can order different sizes of cardboard boxes on Amazon. They come flat and it is quite simple to get them erect in the shape of a box by taping the flaps. Sometimes, the moving companies specify how many boxes you are allowed, the dimensions of the boxes and their weights. So, be sure to check that out before you order the boxes. 
  • Vacuum storage bags – This was something I discovered later on and wished I had known about at the time. Essentially, you can order them on Amazon and vacuum the extra air inside the bag so that they end up occupying much less space. This is exceptionally true for items such as hoodies, jackets and duvets that otherwise take up quite a lot of space in one box.
  • Donation – Finally, packing up will always result in finding some things that you just don’t really need anymore. If those items qualify to be safely donated according to the British Heart Foundation (BHF), be sure to pack up all those items in BHF bags and drop them off in one of the collection points scattered across campus. 

Sadly, for the current first years, things are quite different and moving out is obviously a very different process. However, keep an eye out for emails from the University that suggest several moving companies to make the process easier. Below is the link to some guidelines from the Warwick SU on moving out-

I hope this blog post gave any prospective students an insight into moving out and you can refer to it when you’re here one year from now. 

Until then, stay safe and see you soon!

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