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Moving Mountains – a personal list!

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Whether in first year or final year, I’ve found that moving back to Warwick always brings with it a mix of excitement and anciety. Even though, for me, I’m only travelling a matter of minutes down the road there is always the fear of forgetting something or finding that something has gone wrong. I’ve written below a list that I’m going to refer to when I move back to campus this year. I hope that you find it useful too!

Useful Items

There are some things I’ve found that I always will have a use for, and that I ended up having to buy more of once arriving at uni. First of all: extension cords. This was super useful, as although there are many plugs around rooms, sometimes you might have that one plug that your laptop charger doesn’t quite  reach, or where you would like to plug in more that two items over your desk. If nothing else, always good to have on hand for if anyone needs to borrow one! Likewise, I’ve found a small speaker convenient to have. I use a Google Home as my speaker, for background music when studying/relaxing/unpacking, and more – although in first year I just had a simple pair of aux-cord speakers! 

How to pack your life up

When I moved in first year, I felt like I brought almost everything from home — and, unsurprisingly, I did not need all of it! Lists were my best friend last year, narrowing it down to the essentials I knew I needed, and things that I couldn’t get after I left home.  Once the absolute essentials are packed, it’s easier to pick and choose what else is needed! And essentials don’t even need to be completely practical – home comforts and the like are just as important to make life at uni a better transition and more comfortable. 

Not only this, but if you have items that have large boxes but a lot of empty space in them, have a look and see if you can remove the packaging or find an alternate solution so that it’s safe to transport but takes up less room. Use boxes, drawers, or other storage containers you’re bringing with you to store small items and things that might get lost easily! It’s esasier to pack everything into a car, and much easier to carry as well. 

For clothes, bring a base wardrobe of clothes you know you’ll wear regularly, and then look at everything else. Leave clothes on hangers if you plan on hanging them up, and tie the hangers together before storing them in a bag or alternative so you can just hang them straight up on arrival. 

For packing the car, make sure to pack things you need urgently on top. For me, this was a phone charger, my wallet, my bedsheets, speakers, and an extension cord for my family to also use. I also wanted to consider my toiletries, a set of clothes, and a set of pyjamas. That way, in case I didn’t finish unpacking on day 1, I had things that I needed ready for the second day without stressing out. This made it a lot easier to start unpacking, as I didn’t have to dig through everything again and again. 

Me, surveying the metaphorical work of packing

Getting to campus

When moving in, make sure you have all the documents you might need when first getting to campus, including everything you need to collect your keys. Be prepared to have to empty the car quickly – once everything is in your room you’re able to park up and then get back to unpacking. 

Things to remember

– If you’re moving in to campus, remember you don’t have the space of a whole house! Everything you bring will likely have to fit into your bedroom (in addition to the kitchen space you have), so don’t bring too much

– Be prepared with the essentials and keep them to hand throughout the day

– Don’t get discouraged unpacking! I found it can get worse before it looks better, so keep powering through, whether that is with music, snacks, or both!

– Make it feel like your space, and you’ll probably feel a lot more relaxed more quickly

– Finally, the most important thing to pack is an open mind! 

Good luck with your packing and moving coming up!

Meredith x

Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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