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Moving Into My New Flat…

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This weekend, I moved into my new flat in Coventry! I thought I’d share some photos & the pros & cons I have found so far.

This year, I’m living in Sherbourne Student Village by AXO Student Living. It’s a privately-owned student accommodation, it’s not affiliated with Warwick or Coventry University but it is mostly filled with Coventry students due to it’s location.

Although I’m living with my friends from first year, we’re all staying in our own studio flats on the same floor, so we each have an en-suite and a private kitchen!


  • Coventry – yes, crazy to consider Coventry a pro, I know! But I actually wanted to live here. Coventry has a great range of restaurants, shops, bars etc. and is super easy to travel to and from, thanks to the train station and coach station. I’m within walking distance of the city centre of Coventry and I’m also not far from uni if I need to go into campus.
  • Studio – when we decided to live here, we were super excited at the thought of a studio flat. There’s something so lovely about having everything you need all there in your room! It’s even better now that we’re living through the COVID pandemic. We have our own space, we don’t have to use communal areas if we don’t want to, so it feels very safe!
  • Bedroom – there’s a double bed, storage space under the bed, and a big desk. I’ve found it’s more than enough space & very comfy 🙂 there’s also LED lights built in above the desk and around the window which are a lovely cool white colour. The lights around the window make it look like there’s always daylight coming in around the blinds which is really nice!
  • Kitchen – the colour scheme of the kitchen is really nice. There’s a 2-ring stovetop, a sink, a microwave-convection oven, a fridge-freezer, and then cupboards / drawers. There’s also LED lights above the kitchen too which are a really nice touch.
  • Bathroom – ensuite bathroom which is great of course, the shower is great and has enough space & there’s a countertop & mirror above the sink.


  • Coventry – I guess Coventry also comes under cons too. Many Warwick students prefer to live in Leamington because they think it has a nicer atmosphere and also as it has less crime. Although that’s true and fair to say, since this is private student accommodation, it does feel very safe. I guess it just comes down to what you make of Coventry!
  • Studio – I haven’t found this yet, but I can imagine it could feel a bit isolated being in a studio. Although we have common areas, it’s easy to just keep to yourself here and you have to make a conscious effort to reach out to the people living near you so that you don’t end up spending your time alone.
  • Kitchen – the two-ring stovetop can be quite tight for space and also it’s induction, for safety reasons, which means you need specific pots and pans and it turns off after a certain amount of time. Also, the fridge-freezer may be quite small for some people.
  • Wardrobe – the wardrobe space is actually attached to the kitchen which I found odd at first, but it’s not too bad! There’s a bar to hang your clothes, and I put baskets in the bottom. There’s also a big mirror on the inside of the wardrobe door which is great.
  • Sound – I’ve found it’s not very sound-proof in the rooms. I can sometimes hear the people on my floor and in the rooms above me, but I haven’t found it to be a huge problem as of yet!

Overall, I love my new accommodation. Like every place, it has it’s pros and cons, but I’m super happy here and I’ve decorated it to make it my own. Here’s some photos!

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