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Moving into Leamington

This time of year most people are focussed on Freshers week, but if you’re going into your second year you might be thinking more about moving off campus. While I can’t speak for everyone, I loved living off campus in second year, and can’t wait to do the same in third. Here are few tips for those of you moving into Leam for the first time.

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first- buses. You’ll probably have already heard of the Stagecoach buses, they have a bit of a reputation. However, I’d still definitely recommend buying a bus pass, whether you purchase the Stagecoach one or the National Express. Especially if you’re a science student with contact hours that mean you’ll be on campus most days, you’ll easily make your money back.

I knew going into my second year that I was going to try and do a URSS project over the summer so I bought a bus pass for the summer holiday too- this makes travelling to campus much easier if your house contract doesn’t run out at the end of term and also gives you an excuse to visit Leam and other pretty places like Stratford and Warwick castle on the weekends! Unfortunately the stagecoach service runs (even) less regularly during the holidays so using the National Express app to buy tickets in the evenings has also been helpful.

I live in North Leam, so there’s the added hassle of buses being full from previous stops by the time it gets to the top of the parade. While it’s a bit of pain, this just means you need to get to the bus stop before the rush to get to the 9ams starts, and mostly only during the first few weeks of term and during exams. The buses seem to quieten down later in term, and especially on Thursday mornings (I wonder why??).

As someone who can’t do uni work at home without getting distracted (did someone say Netflix?), I was worried moving to Leam would mean I wouldn’t get any work done without the library to keep me focussed. However, the learning grid in the town hall was a life-saver. I travelled onto campus during exam season to use the library- I found that setting myself ‘working hours’ on campus and then just relaxing at home worked for me. But in terms 1 and 2 when there wasn’t as much pressure to do tonnes of work in the library, I made use of the grid regularly. You can book seats so you know there’ll be a space for you before you set off from home, and Jephson Gardens is right next door if you need a breather.

This brings me onto one of my favourite things about Leam- there are so many nice places to go and relax. Jephson Gardens is perfect if you want to sit with a book, and Newbold Comyn is ideal for a walk and getting some stunning views of the town. When I first moved to Leam I spent so much time exploring, it’s a great place to live and you should definitely try and make the most of it!

Not only does Leamington have some great green spaces, but also some amazing bars and independent coffee shops. I’m trying to work my way through all of them but there’s so many it’s a bit of a struggle. Fizzy Moon, Bedford Street, LEIF Tearooms and Piano Bar and Clink are some good ones to try that aren’t normally featured on society-run bar crawls, but Kelsey’s will always hold a special place in my heart! As for coffee shops etc. The Steamhouse, Coffee Architects and Spa Town Coffee are a few of my favourites (and are very instagrammable)! I’m hoping to tick a few more places off my list once term starts!

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