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Moving into Halls

When I first moved onto campus (two years ago now!) I was terribly excited but a little worried as well. Part of the reason I was worried was because I didn’t entirely know what to expect. If you are feeling nervous about Arrivals Weekend too, hopefully these tips will put your mind at ease.

As soon as you get to your room, I would recommend propping your door open. Not only will this make it easier to move your stuff into your room, but it also tells anyone else moving in that you’re there and free for a chat! Knocking on people’s doors may feel daunting to start with, but introducing yourself now means you can start to get to know your flatmates right away.

To make your room start to feel like your own, unpack some of your stuff. Putting books on shelves and clothes in the wardrobe will make you feel much more at home. However don’t feel the need to unpack everything; you can do that over the next few days. Take the time to meet your flatmates instead (see above!)

If there is one thing I would recommend unpacking properly it would be your kitchen stuff. If you can bag a good cupboard and fridge/freezer space early, then you don’t need to worry about finding room later on. Also offering to make a cup of tea when your flatmates are in the midst of unpacking is another great way to start a conversation!

When my parents dropped me off, I think they were just as excited for me starting university as I was! Take some time to say goodbye and chat to them before they head home; it’s a big change for them as well and it may be a few weeks – or months – until you see them again.

You’ve done the hard work and have finally made it to Warwick – congrats! Take a deep breath and get ready for your time at Warwick to begin.

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