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Moving into First Year Accommodation

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Emerging from a pandemic, many of you will be extremely excited at the prospect of moving to university with a dwindling number of COVID19 restrictions in your way.

Many of us will be hoping that this return to normality is set to stay, and as such, this affects the way you will be allowed to socialise and experience halls this year.

In my experience, halls at Warwick is a much more integral part of the university experience, facilitated by the fact that Warwick is a campus university.

That is not to say that your halls allocation has an increased bearing on your university experience; it won’t!

That is just to say that the halls are a lot closer, more interdependently social, and a bigger part of your first year than many city universities.

The first thing to remember when you find out which accommodation you are living in is not to panic if you don’t get the choice you wanted.

You are likely to have a good time wherever you are!

Give whatever you are given a chance, and, if for whatever reason you truly don’t get on with it, there is opportunity to switch.

However, it is more than likely that your time will be made by the people, and the variation of halls you end up in will be negligible.

Alongside this, remember to give everyone you meet a chance during Freshers.

Moving to University is a daunting time for everybody, so if someone you are living with appears particularly nervous, homesick, or anxious, make sure you take the time to look out for them as a flat.

More broadly, Warwick is an interdependent community, and you will very frequently meet friends, that know friends, that know friends…. etc

Be friendly to everyone you meet, because the likelihood is that your paths will cross again!

This element of consideration is particularly relevant in your flat itself.

Be nice to your cleaners, and try to make their lives easier!

Looking out for one another in your flat is something that is really easy; whether it be cooking together, socialising together, or arranging regular intervals of doing things together to make sure everyone feels included.

It is likely that you will be in a flat full of people that would otherwise never meet; there will be so many diverse backgrounds and interests. Use this time to learn about experiences that aren’t your own!

That said, socialising within your block, as well as your flat, is particularly useful to broaden your horizons.

In Freshers week, grab a friend from your flat and invite the flats around you to come to your kitchen one night to get to know each other; take advantage of the relaxed restrictions that the people in the year above you didn’t have!

Most of all, remember to have fun and enjoy the experience. Moving away from home has been one of the most enriching experiences I and many of my friends have had, so enjoy everything you are going to learn!

Megan McElroy | English Literature Contact Megan
English, Going out, Halls, or something else!
Find out more about me Contact Megan

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