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Moving in: 6 Top Tips!

With the big move only days away I thought I’d throw out some tips on how to settle in and make the most of your first weekend.

  1. It means you get an extra day and an extra night out with your new housemates – win, win. They try to limit numbers in order to make it more manageable for the staff, you arriving on the Saturday won’t make much difference at all.
  2. , whether you arrive Saturday or Sunday; this means you can get your room sorted and unpacked without the distraction of new housemates. It also means your parents will be gone and will allow you to socialise. It will really allow you to open up and start to have a great time.
  3. As soon as you’ve made your first friend get exploring the campus and help yourself to the freebies on campus; don’t expect anything amazing but some free pizza is never a bad thing. Most importantly, make sure you get your freshers t-shirt in order to get into the copper rooms that night and it also makes a rather nice memento.
  4. Even if you aren’t the chattiest person, just being around your new flatmates is an interesting experience. It is important to make the effort as people will no doubt be making an effort to talk to you. This means gaming and reading are off limits the first day!
  5. Get yourself to the Copper Rooms that night or to the dirty duck for some food and a beer. You’ve made it to Warwick, a pretty good return on 14/15 years education. Celebrate and just enjoy those first few days because if you do MORSE soon the work will begin.

A few people don’t settle well at first into university life. This is perfectly normal so please don’t feel weird if you aren’t happy at first. There are a lot of reasons for this: you may not get on with your flatmates, feel lonely, feel homesick and a wide range of other reasons. Just remember you’re not going through this alone, there are 5000 freshers somebody feels just as you do. Seek help, socialise with coursemates and join societies. There is bound to be something for you and don’t forget you can get help from a wide variety of sources: Warwick Accommodation, Warwick SU, Warwick Advice Centre, your course undergraduate office to name just a few. Have a great time!

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