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Moving back to Uni

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I moved back up to university last weekend and in spite of the fact that university this year is going to look very different to last year it still feels great to be back. One thing that I have to get used to again after a year in student halls abroad is sorting out utilities and dealing with Tara & Co. our notorious agents. So far we have sorted out wifi, albeit with a rather hodge-podge fix, extension leads and cables galore. We have also been hit with a £6 charge from our agents for no describable reason, with our emails on the subject ignored, but that’s to be expected, student letting agents are the best.

Things are undoubtedly going to be a little different this year and once I know more or have had a few weeks of uni I’ll write a blog on the biggest changes. Though right now I’m sitting, writing this in the sun in procafinate, overlooking the canal and you could almost think that nothing had changed.

To be honest some things haven’t changed at all the University Union (UCU) is still threatening to go on strike. The Student’s Union is still completely and utterly useless. At the last minute they decided, without consulting students, to push for all of first term to move online, in spite of the fact many students living off campus have already moved in and those living on campus have signed contracts starting in less than two weeks.

In addition due to SU rudeness Warwick University Rugby League have lost their shirt sponsor. Spa Computers sponsored the club for years but due to the rudeness of the Student Union when dealing with the sponsorship payment last season, the contract has been cancelled. They were willing to directly sponsor the club but only if they didn’t deal with the SU. However SU rules prohibit this so during the middle of the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression a student sports team is searching for a new sponsor thanks to its own union.

It’s nice to see that even in a pandemic some things are a constant. Dodgy student letting agents, UCU threatening strikes and the SU being truly incompetent.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
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