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More than a Dish Drainer

I popped back to uni on Freshers week to help promote the Sprint Development programme for women by giving a short talk about my experiences of the course, which I took last year.   On my way back to the car I was astounded by the amount of passing students carrying dish drainers (see photo).  Literally every other person carried one and it made me chuckle. I would hardly call it a kitchen essential.  After all, isn’t that what the sink draining board is for?  It seems superfluous to me to have a draining board for your draining board.  I cannot remember ever owning one because I think they are a beautiful breeding ground for bacteria.  I mean, look at all those nooks and crannies!   

Yet, perhaps to Freshers it symbolises a new era.  Perhaps it marks a rite of passage to  (sort of) independent living and domesticity, away from those who have nurtured them since nappyhood.  Now, when food runs out, they will discover it doesn’t magically reappear.  I giggled at the thought of student halls being overrun with dish drainers.    

This is the start of brand new adventures for Freshers.  They are stepping into the unknown, fuelled by excitement and fear and probably armed with ‘helpful’ advice from friends, family and social media.  What we discovered last year was that many First Years felt successful and ‘special’ in college, but when they came to Warwick they felt average or even inadequate as they compared themselves to the most brightest and brilliant around campus.   

Comparison, however, is the thief of joy. Or is it?  If you berate yourself for not being ‘the best’ at everything, that is most unhelpful.  However, if you aspire to be better than yesterday and take constructive action towards creating a better version of yourself according to your goals, values and beliefs, that is surely a more productive use of time and energy.  It is better to compare yourself to how YOU used to be, than someone who makes you feel inferior.  Or look to gain those skills and experience you admire in others.  Appreciate what you have already achieved and how far you have come.  Once upon a time you could not even hold your head up by yourself.  Now I hope you find reasons to hold it high.    

I also know what gift to get my daughter when she goes off to university.  

May you learn and grow on your adventures with love and joy and may your dishes drip dry with ease xXx

  • Anisa

    I never thought of how dish drainers could be so funny and meaningful!


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