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Money, Money, Money? Or Not

Meredith Whiting
Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

As second term is about to start, and the January sales have hit, it’s becoming more necessary for me to start budgeting again throughout term. In first year I found that my student loan more than covered my accommodation (living in the second cheapest really had its perks), meaning I had a little bit of leeway for more of the "luxuries" – or non-necessities at least. This year, I’ve found that having to pay bills, buy lunch on campus, and travel more to see friends who live over in Leamington (along with a whole host of other factors) have meant that keeping track of money has become even more important. After an attempt at this in term 1, one resolution (of sorts) for me is to try and do this well, and below are some ways in which I’ll be trying to do that! (and some hints and tips for others looking for the same advice).

1. Bring lunch in from home

I haven’t done this as much as I wanted to, so I’m really keen to try more recipes and being in my food each day in order to stop buying lunch (which can often end up £4 or more per day) on campus. The microwave in Bar Fusion will also help this – widening what I can bring in and eat each day.

2. Bring in hot drinks/reusable mugs

Cafés around campus offer a small discount (10p) off of hot drinks if you use your own mug, as well as being better for the environment. I kept forgetting this year, but with the weather being cold for a few months, the hot drinks will no doubt make the appeal of walking to and from campus much nicer.

3. Keep a better track of what I’m spending

From weekly shops, Pop! tickets, and any extra expenses that happen, I’m hoping that by tracking what I’m spending I’ll be able to keep to my budget better this year. This means that any other things that come up (including a lot of expected tournament fees!) will hopefully be able to be accounted for.

These resolutions are not my only ones – others including getting fitter, and keeping on top of uni work a lot better – but they’re certainly going to be my main focus going into the year! While 3 really short tips, I’m hoping that these will all have an impact on my year next year and that I’ll be able to go through the next term with few (if any) issues. What are your favourite tips for budgeting well?

Meredith Whiting
Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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